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A Bit Of This And That And Crackers!



Christmas has all but been and gone.

A lovely day, slept in a bit, thankfully the boys are old enough to not jump on our bed first thing in the morning demanding to be allowed to open presents. Thankfully they don't since they are 6 ft tall!

No 4 son gave me a book called Smitten, with oodles of photos of cute little kittens. They are so adorable, I will have another kitten in a flash. No 4 son got from me The Beatles Anthology as he is so into the Beatles. He makes me feel like I have gone back in time to the 60's. I thought Ringo was the one then! Now I would go with John Lennon. No 3 son gave me a DVD of U2's 18 videos. Awesome, just what I wanted. I have loved U2 since the 80's, and then more recently got into Robbie Williams, but U2 will always be a favourtite.

I rang my mum and dad, mum was in the process of baking bread, so every now and then I would hear the whirl of her breadmaker as she checked to make sure it had enough flour etc in it. Dad was just chilling out, wondering if I was on top of it all. And yes, I could tell him I am getting there at last. I know I am getting there, as I told my hubby yesterday morning that I couldn't wait till Christmas was over and I could get back to eating normal food. That is great coming from me, as it means acceptance of my diet and best of all I even subconsciouly call it normal.

I rang my oldest son and his wife in Sydney and they were getting ready to go to his father's and brother's place across town for lunch. I will have to ring him again soon, as he will be 26 on the 1st. Told him not to get older, as it is making me feel old, and he agreed, and would be pleased to go back to 24.

No 3 son got a call about an hour ago from me. He is fine, in a new job and thinking about coming over here for a holiday this year sometime. I miss them all, but they are only a phone call away, but at Christmas even that is too far away. I talked to his dad, my ex husband. He seems fine, he is on his own with two young sons, and he has more of a battle than me. His youngest at 4 has diabetes and the older one at 8 has Aspergers. Thankfully our sons the older ones are okay. I can relate to Aspergers as a friend of mines sons has it, and I remember when teacher aiding that he was into everything and wanted to know everything and asked me questions I could not answer, he was very focused on electrical gadgets, especially fans. He has grown up, not really as he is only 13, but he is a honey, and still has a determination in his mindset.

Stupid moment of the day yesterday. I told hubby that he never put the dog food back in the fridge. He came back to me and said, but they are your crackers. Yes I got called crackers for the rest of the day! Duh!

Grumble. I did everything right and ordered a special meal for me from the caterers for our work Christmas lunch a few days beforehand. You know what happened on the actual day. Plates full of food arrived, and I asked what was gluten free for me, and I got a dumbfounded look from the delivery people saying probably nothing. I just can't believe how close to tears I got. They were welling in the back of my eyes, and my first thought was to run, go home and scream.

But I pulled myself together and managed to ring the caterers and ask for the person who had taken my call previously. Unfortunately she was on holiday, but the person at the other end was quite prepared to send something up for me. So I went with that, but was still pretty miffed, but pleased that I got a meal, even if it was toasted ham sandwiches with brie avocados etc and a selection of fresh fruit and cheese and rice crackers and a chocolate chip biscuit for desert. I was miffed as everybody else had festive fare, and me something quite unfestive. Not even a strawberry! And even more miffed as I had told the person previously when I first made contact that I did not care for gluten free bread, and what did I get 4 slices of it.

I lived, but a workmate was holding onto her stomach about an hour later, and I had a case of dejavu, as that is precisely how I felt after last years Christmas lunch at work. But this year, I could get up and clean the staffroom and still manage to walk the dog without thinking I ate too much. I rang up the next day and thanked the caterers for bringing my lunch up.

So I have nearly come up to my first anniversary of being gluten free, it is an achievement. Just another week away.

People say the first year is the hardest, and I will agree with that. There is a lack of litrature out there, but I am noticing more cookbooks appearing and more general knowledge about the disease.

I will recap on my first year soon, but for now it is nearly 10pm and I have eaten so much, that I feel like a blob.



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