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How I Stay Fit



[font="Comic Sans MS"][size=3]I don't drink coffee, eat fattening things like cheesecake/creme brulee, fast food, or much red meat.
But I DO claim [u][b][color="#0000FF"]sugar[/color][/b][/u] as my vice. After 10 years of teaching, I'm the same size, and colleagues often ask me how I do it. Here are some ideas as well as
Things I do to trim down for [color="#FF00FF"][b]bikini[/b][/color] season (my summer clothes are a size smaller than my winter ones- it's a midwestern thing, we're very season-oriented):

Make sure you're only eating until you're NOT HUNGRY anymore, then GET UP (I feel "stuffed" only maybe once a year.)
Don't obsess with food, plan it out for the week and be done thinking about it!!!!
(I can't believe how some people talk about food, write about it, dream about it, grocery shop, go out to eat, DAILY!! WHat a waste of time! That is the heart of my celiac struggle- having to think more about food..being HIGH maint.)
Chew sugarless gum- sometimes after a meal you just want a cleansed palate.
Eat little sugary things that take a long time: blow pop, starburst, tootsie roll---DAILY!!
Make myself eat something healthy B4 I allow a sugar snack: grapefruit, carrot sticks
Drink: tea, hot chocolate==proven that often we assume hunger when we're only thirsty!!
Don't keep trigger foods in the house- I NEVER buy ice cream and when I bake goodies-FREEZE half
Sometimes I just make myself sit there and think about what I'm craving and why
I tell myself to wait an hour and distract myself ...and again. and again.
PREVENT low blood sugar- map out meals AND snacks and put them on the fridge
PREPARE veggies right away-cleaned, sliced, and indiv. wrapped so just as convenient as bad foods
Challenge yourself to eat an entire veggie platter in a week!
Keeping a food journal is proven to help eat less and lose weight
Figure out your Naughty times and nip them-- I work out at 11PM-- yoga DVD, pushups, whatever
Stop making excuses
Don't eat like a bird around other people-- then you binge later- I know friends who do this
On the cruise we walked in on the girl on Weight Watcher who'd ordered cookies to her room from r.service
Mark your PLATE like a grid: half is veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb
count calories- try calorieking website
Eat guilt-free good foods like steamed edamame, diet popcorn, shrimp, cucumber, lowcal popsicles
Mimic a healthy person you know--I just went on a cruise w/ heavy people-I eat SO differently, yet they tell me I'm naturally thin!! Yeah, right.
make yourself try a new healthy food each week: polenta, quinoa, sushi, octopus, lox, lentils
Aquire healthy hobbies: tennis, yoga, walking, volleyball, swimming, bicycling--join a club or lesson
Avoid most "diet" foods- they are fattening in disguise- I could go on and on about the science here
DO use spray butter and spray oils
Don't eat while you watch TV, computer
Make yourself exercise DAILY at least 20 min. Don't go to sleep until you do. Even if it's 1AM
Encourage yourself- if you survived a craving, literally cheer for yourself
Tell yourself every day you'll do better than the day before.
Lock your purse in your trunk if you are a fast food person- no $$, no fast food
Keep healthy Lara bars, bumble bars, trail mix in your desk, car, etc. so you won't starve & binge
Pour lots of salt on remaining food when you're done eating- now you're done for SURE
Don't allow yourself TV unless you do situps, pushups, lunges, stretches during commercials.
Tell everyone you're tired of being fat-so it's not a secret- I did this at Xmas and my weight fell off
I made myself wear my tight clothes and feel the misery- suffering through a natural consequence helped!
Smoothies are a MEAL not a drink
Don't join a gym- workout at home- Turn to FIT TV channel!!
Get recipes from Blaine's Low Carb Kitchen on Fit TV website
Make a weight graph- post on fridge and weigh yourself weekly
Allow yourself a goody on PMS days
Get rid of ranch dressings, sauces, dips, etc. Don't add sugar/honey/etc. to drinks, foods
Keep a food/exercise journal, really! They have them you can buy at the bookstore, too.
Wear a pedometer all day and make yourself get 10,000 steps a day
Hang out with healthy people
Walk instead of drive- especially don't drive around for a close parking spot- park FAR away
don't go on cruises or fattening vacation/going out places
Be assertive to people who try to sabotage you by offering food-- tell them, "I'm not eating now."
Exercise with your kids and family. Be a positive role model.
Take vitamins- I can tell I feel lethargic without my iron and B12, no joke
Eat the SUPER FOODS-berries, legumes, etc. Buy the book...
Read health magazines- I like Men's health-their low carb recipes are often gluten free
Write in your food journal which of these tips you followed daily and praise yourself!
Good luck! Keep trying! I do![/font][/size]

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Brendygirl thanks for this blog entry. It has given me food for thought.

I was a bit naughty and have printed it off, hope you will forgive me. I intend to take note of quite a lot of your comments and suggestions. I could say I know a lot of them already, but to have them all in the one place is awesome.

I keep on trying, but obviously I am not trying hard enough. It is in our attitude towards food as well, so I will have to start thinking thinner.


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