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The Ritz...almost Perfect

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 339 views

[size=4][font="Georgia"][color="#FF0000"][b]I had a pretty nice dinner at [color="#A0522D"]The Ritz [/color]this weekend. I enjoyed the seafood appetizer with horseradish and shrimp sauce, the lobster salad, and the shrimp cocktail. The lamb was ok. The mashed potatoes and veggies fine. The berries for dessert were fresh, but had a VANILLA WAFER stuck in there, so I only ate a few out of the other side. ALMOST perfect.
Plus, there had to be a person at the table who couldn't resist telling me how good my berries looked while he was downing his chocolate cake. I mean, come on. Just SHUT UP about it.
What was REALLY less than appetizing was the way my dinner companion (not the berry admirer) kept raving over the food courses that I couldn't have: The bread-"I just LOVE this bread. It's so warm..." The soup "This soup is so awesome. Do you want to taste some? I just wish it came with a bigger piece of BREAD!" The appetizers: Why can't you have this? You CAN have it! Don't you like it? It's SO good! I should've taken more! OMG, It's SO good! I HAVE to learn to make those at home!
I mean, come ON! My brother is allergic to poultry, and at Thanksgiving, I'm not like, OMG This turkey is SO good, want a bite? Give me a BREAK.
And this same person does the SAME thing with EVERY meal we eat together.
It's getting really old, really fast[/b][/color][/font].[/size]



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