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The Ritz...almost Perfect

Entry posted by brendygirl · - 389 views

[size=4][font="Georgia"][color="#FF0000"][b]I had a pretty nice dinner at [color="#A0522D"]The Ritz [/color]this weekend. I enjoyed the seafood appetizer with horseradish and shrimp sauce, the lobster salad, and the shrimp c%$#$tail. The lamb was ok. The mashed potatoes and veggies fine. The berries for dessert were fresh, but had a VANILLA WAFER stuck in there, so I only ate a few out of the other side. ALMOST perfect.
Plus, there had to be a person at the table who couldn't resist telling me how good my berries looked while he was downing his chocolate cake. I mean, come on. Just SHUT UP about it.
What was REALLY less than appetizing was the way my dinner companion (not the berry admirer) kept raving over the food courses that I couldn't have: The bread-"I just LOVE this bread. It's so warm..." The soup "This soup is so awesome. Do you want to taste some? I just wish it came with a bigger piece of BREAD!" The appetizers: Why can't you have this? You CAN have it! Don't you like it? It's SO good! I should've taken more! OMG, It's SO good! I HAVE to learn to make those at home!
I mean, come ON! My brother is allergic to poultry, and at Thanksgiving, I'm not like, OMG This turkey is SO good, want a bite? Give me a BREAK.
And this same person does the SAME thing with EVERY meal we eat together.
It's getting really old, really fast[/b][/color][/font].[/size]



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