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Finger Lickin Ribs



[size=3][font="Arial Narrow"][color="#9932CC"]I've been venturing out to dine a lot lately, eluding the Gluten Fiend and his cohorts, the Cross Contamination Crew (knock on wood). Devoured tantalizing ribs at [b]Tony Roma's [/b](all sauces & meats are gluten free) and corn on cob and potato.
At [b]Chili's [/b](I often go there and eat ribs with no ill effects), I discovered a little [color="#FF0000"]trick. [/color] If I'm going somewhere afterward (the play, Atlanta-3 of 4 stars, I'd say+we saw the guy from HEROES that wrote the play there-my bf watches the show-it's too fakey for me)..anyway, going somewhere after din-din... meaning I don't want leftovers, then I can just add a half rack of ribs for $5.99 onto my companion's entree! I also got a side of corn on cob, and voila! Finger lick'n good!
Last night we saw [color="#A0522D"]Chris Brown[/color] (we saw him at the AMA's and were mesmerized by his performance as he and his dancers decended from the ceiling and danced while suspended in midair- which was the impetus for the purchase of these tickets) and he did not disappoint! He sang (with some lip synching when the dancing got heavy. He did a [color="#483D8B"]break-dance[/color] "challenge" and showcased his moves against a 3D image of himself, and danced with very talented 4 year olds. We were also treated to a performance by [color="#9ACD32"]SoljaBoy [/color]and the dude who sings Bay-bay-bay, and Bow Wow, and Sean Kingston-love that Tropics song. The young crowd was extremely Live!, and not annoying as I'd anticipated. they waved their cell phones more than other concerts, too, which was really cool looking. Funny the line of parents there to pick them up afterward. No wonder valet had no line!
It was at [color="#2E8B57"]Universal Studios. [/color]So that's why we went to Tony Roma's. My first time there. Very pleasant. Then, we hung out and danced at a restaurant-bar in the Universal Studios Citywalk. I wore my rabbit shrug over my skinny jeans and boots and a really cute puffy sleeved top the bf got me for Xmas.
Tonight we are hanging out at a friends' house where we will crash, so no driving in the drunk danger zone. The husband there is ANAL about cleanliness, lucky for me!, and so I do eat there without getting sick. They are aware of my issues, and ask me what I can have. They have made me ribs in a separate pan, and they let me serve myself and keep everything clean and uncombined. The funny thing is, although I LOVE the pork dishes, my bf nixes pork entirely, so [u]HE leaves hungry[/u]! Funny switcharoo there, yah!
The treachery at their tidy abode it their CATS! Call in the zyrtec.
Got both things I'd asked for from bf 4 [u]xmas! [/u]Love the [b]Guitar HERO[/b]! I'm only on medium level. I don't play much. I bought him Wii. So relieved he loved it! We had fun with that- bowling! I got good!
He tricked me- he had ONE wrapped gift laying out for me, which I thought was the Coach watch. I opened it and it was that ipod penguin thingy. cute, but not a watch. Then he brought out another gift, and another and another.... I am spoiled. Growing up getting underwear for christmas, this was just too much- it hurt my stomach to open so many things. And he wrapped them all himself. One favorite is the Bebe scarf and hat I wear with a light coat in the cold mornings-45-50 degrees! brrrr for californians


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