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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Vancouver Island, Bc

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I was recently on Vancouver island for a couple of weeks to play in the ocean, watch surfers, and explore the giant cedar and rain forests, and I found it fairly easy to stay gluten-free which was surprising since I am still a newbie to celiac. :) We did stay in cabins most of the time so that made it easy to control my own food, butpeople in BC are pretty health aware and it was easy to find organic and gluten-free foods in your typical supermarkets.

In Parksville (on the east side of the island where the water is warm), we shopped at Quality Foods and found plenty of fresh meats and vege with a few gluten-free options through out. We spent a LOT of time in the ocean and on the miles and miles of beach, so quick to grab foods out of a cooler ruled that week.

Mid-island at Port Alberni, there seemed to be less gluten-free options but there was seafood everywhere so who cared! lol

On the west side of the island in Tofino, there was a HUGE amount of gluten-free foods. HUGE! The town only has a few thousand people in it year round, but I happened to find two whole food stores that had more gluten-free foods than I can find in my city of of over a million. Very clean foods.

Also of note was Three Valley Gap who mad a great raspberry, goat cheese walnut salad, and Ric's in Kamloops who was gluten-free savy enough to have already checked all their spices.


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