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  1. What if something says just “no gluten” as in no gluten is present in this product? Also, would something that says naturally gluten free be safe? Such as this? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Fisher-Chef-s-Naturals-Walnut-Halves-Pieces-16-oz-Naturally-Gluten-Free-No-Preservatives-Non-GMO/24237688?wm...
  2. If a product makes a statement on a product which writes "no gluten" is this the same as making the "gluten-free" statement. Do both of these statements mean that they should be adhering to 20 parts per million or less gluten?
  3. Are frozen veggies that don’t have a gluten-free labeling on it but only contain the vegetables under the ingredients safe? I bought these ones from whole foods https://products.wholefoodsmarket.com/product/365-by-whole-foods-market-organic-stir-fry-blend-ba2fca
  4. Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition Lion's Mane Mushroom Superfood Daily Boost Capsule, 90 Count https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NRFNR16/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_KqQ5FbE9V92EP Is something such as this product safe? On the bottle it claims that the mushrooms are grown on oats? I recently started...
  5. Are all prepackaged vegetables safe? I have a package of skinned and peeled baby carrots which are Whole Foods brand 365. Are these safe from cross contamination?
  6. I was wondering I anyone knows whether or not George’s 100% Aloe Vera oil is celiac safe? I got it from natural grocers. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for celiac friendly salt I can buy?