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  1. I know that this has been mentioned today in another Cheerios thread, but I would like to make sure that everybody sees it.  This is a huge embarrassment for General Mills, and I hope that they train their employees properly in the future so that an incident like this never happens again.   It's a Class One Recall.  


    http://www.cheerios.com/Articles/Gluten Free Cheerios.aspx?gclid=CjwKEAjwv8iwBRC35-_e8aPqwCESJAB8khP9ccH4T_ileNgMznUDeqkHQ6TbQuw9SM21J52j52zWNRoC6vLw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

    I have several boxes which were not on the list, but I don't know whether previous boxes were.  We called General Mills, and they don't know where the boxes went, there's no tracking available.  The cross-contamination issue happened in their Lodi, California plant, so I doubt that it came to NYC where I live.  I have had digestive issues lately, but I've been sick with a very bad cold and it could be from the medicines, or a stomach virus - but for all I know, I could have been glutened and I've been eating "gluten-free" Cheerios every day.    



  2. Thanks, Gemini!  I'm sure that you are correct that the digestive upsets were caused by the materials used for making impressions, which remain in place for over five minutes in addition to any additional debris, which I didn't get a chance to brush away until I returned home.  These two implants feel very similar to the bridge they replaced, perhaps a little stronger due to the addition of the bone grafts below, which they are attached to.   I've had them for almost three weeks, and I'm still not yet used to chewing food on that side, lol. 


    Hope your 3rd implant is as good as the previous ones. 

  3. I'm pleased to report that I finished my dental implant procedures several weeks ago, and so far the two implanted teeth are fine. It took about ten months from start to finish, which was four months longer than I originally thought it would take.  There were no complications, other than perhaps a bit of sickness from a regimen of very powerful antibiotics the periodontist had me on for a week, and a few bouts of digestive upsets which I can't say were, or were not, caused by substances used during the tooth-fitting process.   I checked with the drug manufacturers that all the Rx drugs I was given were gluten-free, before using them.  

  4.  I've been drinking Corona Extra for a couple of months, no more than one bottle at a time, several times a week, with no problems. Several studies of gluten in beer have found Corona Extra to have gluten levels at or below 5 ppm, considerably less than the strict gluten-free standard of less than 20 ppm.  In Mexico, where it is manufactured, it is labeled as gluten free.  

  5. We had to get my 85 y.o. mother-in-law out of her 9th floor apartment, in a large complex near Coney Island, which is without power, heat, gas and water, by taking her down the dark stairwell in her wheelchair and then transporting her to our place several miles away by car. Two security officers from her building did the carrying of her in the wheelchair. It was pitch black and I held the flashlights. The police, FD, and EMS workers will not help unless it's a life-threatening emergency where hospitalization is required - which is unfortunate but necessary due to the extensive amounts of severe emergencies.

    Many more people are in far worse situations than this, and we were lucky that we had a neighbor with a car and gasoline to assist.

  6. Dr. Oz holds a position at Columbia University Medical Center in NYC, which is also the home of the Celiac Disease Center, headed by Dr. Peter Green, one of the world's top authorities on Celiac. Dr. Green has appeared on other TV shows, such as the View, but not on Dr. Oz as far as I know. I question why Dr. Oz didn't get Dr. Green, or one of the other doctors at the Celiac Disease Center, to appear on his program.

  7. I've recently begun using All Natural Goat Milk Protein, by Jarrow Formulas. It's a complete powdered protein, mixes easly with water or juice using a small mixer, and also contains pro-biotics which aids digestion. Very glad I found this, as I've been looking for such a product that does not contain cow's milk for a while.

  8. I'm in the initial stages of getting two dental implants. I had bone grafts, in preparation, last week. The procedure went well, this was probably the most difficult part of the process, and it wasn't bad. The periodontist used mostly artificial materials for the graft, plus some of my own bone.

    I started a thread about implants some time ago, and Gemini reports having very successful results with them.

    Good luck.

    Here is the other thread:

  9. Hello again, I have some updates. I know that this is not a dental message board, but so many of us have had problems with teeth and gums I think that it applies to Celiac.

    In 2007, I ended up getting the crowned tooth with a failed root canal, which I wrote about in the first post, extracted. I did not get an implant at that time, but got a standard fixed bridge to replace it. This was on the top right side, in the back.

    I recently had another failed root canal, in a bottom-right side tooth that was attached by a crown to a fixed bridge. I decided to get implants to replace this tooth and the missing one next to it, rather than the other options which didn't seem very good. I went to the peridontist yesterday for my first procedure, which including having two-thirds of the bridge removed, along with the extraction of the bad tooth. In addition, I had two bone grafts for both areas where the implants will eventually reside, to strengthen the area. All the work should be done in six months.

  10. I'm sorry to say that a gluten-free product that I greatly enjoyed, Maple Grove Pancake and Waffle Mix, has apparently been discontinued and replaced with Maple Grove Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix. The new box has pictures of waffles, biscuits and cookies on the box, and recipes on the package as well for these items.

    This version is more potato-based, rather than rice as the previous version was, and other ingredients have changed as well. It's not nearly as tasty, and the remainder of the box will not see any use in my waffle maker again. If anybody can recommend a good alternative waffle mix, I'd appreicate it.

  11. Since my original post, I've been eating these tortillas every day, and have had no problems as a result.

    The same parent company, Gruma, makes both Mission and Guerrero tortillas.

    Sorry that this thread got misdirected, it was not intended to discuss the possibility of gluten cross-contamination in this product, and others - it was to let people know that there's a very inexpensive corn tortilla, gluten-free and labeled as such, that is available.

  12. Just found an excellent gluten-free corn tortilla, Guerrero Tortillas De Maiz Blanco. They are sold in my neighborhood (Bklyn, NY) for $1.29, for a bag of 30 (1 lb 11.5 oz). I've had other corn tortillas but, other than the excellent corn tortillas produced by Mission, these are the only ones I've found that are designated Gluten Free on the packaging.


  13. Well been off gluten for almost 2 months now... and guess what? I'm in no mood to continue.

    My general attitude towards everyone is bad going to worse.

    So I've taken a step in keeping my sanity in check: Back to the food I love.

    Unless my children are diagnosed with Coeliac, I'm sticking to my decision.

    I've lived with the pain most of my life, I can deal with it for the rest of it.

    Good luck, if this is your final decision on the matter - but quitting the gluten-free diet, as others have mentioned, could have dire consequences for anybody with Celiac Disease.

  14. I got glutened earlier this month, about 10 times over the course of about two weeks, as detailed in my thread yesterday in the Gluten-Free Ingredients & Food Labeling Issues section here:

    It wasn't nearly as bad as thought it would be, I had some D, emotional and neurological issues, but these problems were not nearly as severe they were for a few years before diagnosis and going gluten-free. During this recent setback I was able to go bicycle riding, and even traveled a fair distance by subway to attend a music concert despite the issues I was having. I didn't suspect glutening, I thought it was my nerves and/or something I ate other than gluten that didn't totally agree with me. This was probably the worst, or possibly the only, incident of glutening I've had in the past six years, so maybe my system was able to handle it better, for a brief time, at least.