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  1. Reminds me of the time I took my son with a sore throat to see the doctor. Doc was busy, so we got to see her PA instead. The PA sat in her chair and started rattling off a series of possible problems without so much as looking at my son. After awhile, I interrupted her, and said: "He's had...
  2. The unfortunate case here is that many US doctors are basically salesmen for the big pharmaceutical and medical corporations that stand to lose tons of money when all us sick people find out we can effectively treat ourselves through diet and nutrition. You can say that I'm jaded, or that I'm some...
  3. IME, the best way to deal with a psychologist is to be completely open, honest, and rational with them. It drives them NUTS!
  4. It strikes me odd that any other business would at least offer to refund their fee, but somehow that doesn't apply to doctors, (not in the USA anyway)
  5. A few of my personal favorites: (Loud, cackling laughter)... "VITAMINS!?... Vitamins don't do ANYTHING!!!" "It's an extremely sensitive and accurate blood test! It doesn't matter if you've been Gluten Free for three years..." (next visit...) "Well, the blood test came back negative. I'm putting...
  6. There are definitely different levels of sensitivity to gluten. True story: I go to the doctor's office. The nurse/receptionist hands me a pen and clipboard, and I take a seat in the waiting room to fill out the forms. Within a minute or so, I get a nasty tin-foil taste in my mouth and my lips...