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    I love anything outside: camping, hiking, kayaking etc. I'm also really love to do yoga and listen to music. I'm a Bio major and plan to go to med school at some point.
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    Burlington Vermont
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have the same issue! I've only known that I have celiac for about 4mos now but i've had symptoms of RLS for years. I've been told that it can be tied to an iron deficiency which makes sense because due to celiac, I'm very low on iron. I've found that taking my multivitamin and my iron pills greatly...
  3. ACK514


    Thanks for your response Cannona3. It's nice to hear from other people in my situation. Currently I don't know ANYONE with Celiac and it's really hard to get people around me to understand. I just found out I had this and it was so unexpected. Like you said a gluten free diet deffinitely...
  4. ACK514


    So celiac disease is interesting. I just found out I had it a month or so ago and it is incredibly overwhealming. I'm trying so hard to be gluten free but eating no gluten on a college campus with limited options is so hard. It just sneaks into everything! I Don't even really understand this site...