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    Varied: I enjoy many things. Here are some that come to mind immediately: Learning, writing, camping, hiking, fishing, golfing, roller blading, seeing movies, reading, working with computers, visiting friends and family, and much much more.
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    Las Vegas, NV
  1. cannona3

    First Thoughts

    Just think positively and hang in there. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease over three years ago and just started following a gluten-free diet only two months ago. I didn't want to make the changes necessary when I first learned that I had the disease. I've finally come to realize that it is...
  2. cannona3

    Nice, Easy Breakfast

    Sound's pretty tasty AZ Gal. I think I'll give it a try next weekend. Thanks for the recipe!
  3. So, as dinner time approached this evening I was stuck for an idea of what to cook. I had a steak at lunch yesterday, so beef was out of the question. Chicken sounded like a good idea, so I thumbed through a couple of my newly purchased gluten-free cookbooks, but was turned off by the amount of...
  4. cannona3

    The First Post

    So, it's official...I now have a blog. I've played around with these things before, but just never really got into them. I suppose that is because I never really had anything to write about. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease roughly four years ago, but just started a gluten-free lifestyle...
  5. I know how you feel when explaining to others why you are eating "differently." I've got a generic response too, I say that "I'm on a special diet." Considering that I'm a lanky lad, they look at me like I'm crazy, then ask, "What? Why are you trying to...
  6. cannona3


    I know how you feel ACK514. I'm in college too. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease about four years ago, but never adopted a gluten-free diet until just over a month ago. I'm feeling much better now. The challenges are great. It's nearly impossible to eat meals on the go from...