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  1. Hi, just had my first bone density scan a couple of weeks ago. I have bad osteoporosis in my spine, and less severe in my legs and hips. The doctor started me on actonel. I have been taking calcium mag. for a long time. The doctor recomended a different calcium suppliment. I was diagnosed with the celiac's a little over a year ago. I had the symptoms a long time before the doctors figured out that I had celiacs. I went to the Vitamin Shop today and picked their brains about what suppliments I needed, along with the doctors recomendations. I got Calcium Citrate plus Magnesium & Vitamin D. I take two capsules 3 times a day. It has no soy, and of course gluten free.

  2. It was worth the 30 min drive to get a box of their pizza. You have to order the Medium which is enough dinner and lunch tomorrow and I overate! It was soooooo good, it was better than regular Pizza from Pizza Hut and I am not just saying that. It was cool to see a Celiac related things around and the gluten-free on their door. They also sell regular pizza too. :P

    SORRY! I see this was posted already!

  3. Hi all thanks for the information. Just to let you know the Charlie Browns on route 1 closed. I love to go to PF Changs when I can, and I go to Whole Foods all the time. This is just a rumor but I heard they may put a PF Changs in Ewing by the new business park on route 31 and 95. Hey where is the burger restaurant in Ewing? I would love to try it out. I have had the bunless burger at Red Robin. It's ok.

  4. I was so excited when I got to eat pizza at a restaurant for the first time in a year. I have had gluten-free frozen pizza but you can not compare that to the real thing. My husband took my family and I to Jules Thin Crust in Newtown PA. They also have one in Doylestown PA. I live in central NJ so the Newtown one is closer. It was so good. We ordered one gluten-free pie, and one regular one. My husband and one of my children tried the gluten-free pie, and they could not taste any difference between them. Does anyone know of any other gluten-free pizza places around the Trenton, NJ area? :)

  5. Hi, I found out that I had celiac's four month's ago. I was one of those long time sufferers. I have most likely had it for over 14 years. Have been tested for every thing. The one gastro doctor said that I had IBS. For years my blood work was always off. My liver enzymes were always high but not high enough to be super alarmed. My regular doctor retired and my new one is the one who figured out what was wrong. I love her. Went to a different gastro doc. had the biopsy to confirm.

    This is totally a new way of life for eating. I am married with two teenage daughters. I am the only one with celiac. I have to be creative with my cooking. It is still a learning experience. I too read the celiac for dummies cover to cover.

    As for cereals my favorite is Nabisco Cream of Rice. You can get that in the regular grocery store. I have tried different kinds of cold ones. So far Wegman's has a corn flakes with strawberries that is good. I also eat cereal bars from Glutino and Enjoy Life. Those I get in Whole Foods.

    This site has been a great support for me also.

    It will take time. Feel better


  6. I can so relate to this. We've only gone out to dinner once since I was diagnosed. They did everything "right" and were very reassuring, my food came as requested and was delicious.

    I did get sick that night, though, not sure if it was them or me.

    I find myself feeling frustrated about this, too. I work in daycare and every day we are supposed to eat with the kids, the same meal. I always have to ask to see the ingredient lists, etc. The cook there has been really harsh lately saying things like "I'm so sick of hearing about it." She is diabetic and likes to tell me how much "worse off" she has it. Well, I am sick of talking about it, too, but every time I ignore it and pretend everything is fine, something is missed and my body pays the price.

    So I feel your frustration - still working on the coping skills. But hang in there, you are not alone!

  7. I get Boston Market take out all the time. We get the Chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, and other stuff for the rest of the family. I am the only one with Celiac disease. It has not bothered me when I have eaten it. Of course I stay away from the cornbread. It used to be my favorite.

  8. I have only been diagnosed since February, so I am still new at this. I have gone to restaurants and ordered caesar salad. I forget that it comes with croutons. I am the same way, I take them off and eat some of the salad. Another place that is hard is going to the mall. I have two teenage daughters and we eat at the mall a lot. I found a place that I can get a baked potato with cheese and bacon. Now when we go out to eat we go to the diner because I can get eggs any time. It is frustrating but I learn something new every day.

  9. Went to PF Changs in Princeton last weekend for my wedding anniversary. The food was really delicious. It was nice to go out to eat and know that the food was all ok to eat. I had been there before I was diagnosed and thought it was good then too. I had the Lemon Chicken dish, and the lettuce wraps.

    We used to go out to eat a lot before, but now it is a bit challenging to find places that I can find something to eat. You can eat only so many salads.

  10. We were excited at the prospect of eating out, as there are not many gluten-free restaurants by us and this was My partners birthday. A friend recommended reservations as well since they get VERY busy.

    From the reservation phone call to dessert it was a fantastic experience. I mentioned gluten-free over the phone and they made a notation about it next to our reservation. When we arrived they verified that we had 2 gluten-free diners in the party, we were led to the table almost immediately (even though it was crowded) and gluten-free menus were provided at the same time.

    Most of the menu items are similar to what is on the regular menu. It is much smaller, About 10 entrees, but there were also 2 appetizers, 5 sides and 1 REAL dessert(not just ice cream!) Our waitress was knowledgeable about celiacs and she informed us that the entire staff from kitchen to server was trained about it. She also made a notation on our order AND let the kitchen staff know.

    FANTASTIC MEAL, NO CONTAMINATION! Very yummy. excellent and very fresh salmon with ginger, nice and crunchy changs chicken (almost like general tsao's), dynamite singapore noodle and also chicken lettuce wraps. Each dish had a separate serving utensil. All were extremely tasty. Additionally they had gluten-free soy sauce and the chili oil and mustard are also gluten-free.

    Dessert was a rich decadent flourless chocolate dome. Almost like the inside of a truffle, it is served with raspberry syrup and fresh berries. Rich enough for 2 people to split.

    Not only was the food great the service was too. The manager came over to check on us personally (she had been told we were gluten-free and rarely ate out) and the waitress overheard that it was a birthday, and added a candle to my partners cake. A wonderful surprise!

    FIVE STARS FOR gluten-free DINERS* * * * *

    PS high ceilings do make it a bit noisy