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  1. I think that the best snack ideas for me thus far are Lara bars (nuts and dates, largely, many flavors, my new cookies!) Fruit leather (dried strips at Costco) Bryers Ice Cream (cherry Vanilla, Choc. Raspberry, other vanilla). Just a note: Avoid yellow Annatto coloring in milk/cheese products...
  2. All,Seems an odd thing for a person who works as a writer and video director to be finding a home/blog spot on a website dedicated to a disease. Celiac "disease" however is a syndrome with multitude of symptoms, is widely mis-diagnosed and largely untreatable. Other than avoidance of gluten, the...
  3. I am curious about my Wheat-gem infused shampoo. As far as cooking goes - learn. It is not that hard and often fun. I am now in love with my George Forman grill. I do steaks and pork or chicken. Then I put on some asparagus and onions or green or red peppers and there are few things better than...