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About Me

Single mom with two kids. I work full time and go to graduate school.

September 2007.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007 after going to my work's benefit's fair. I did a heal test to find the density of my bones and was surprised when I tested really low. I went to my doctor who found that I had osteoporosis at age 37. We pieced together my extensive medical history and within two weeks I had a confirmed diagnosis - Celiac (she calls it Sprue which gives me the quivers).

It took 10 years to get my correct diagnosis. And it only took a simple heal test at a benefits fair to make it all come together. I also had a new pcp, so I'm sure that helped.

I live in a mixed household with 2 non-gluten-free kids.

Fast forward to May 2010.

I lived a Specific Carbohydrate Diet life for one year. I wasn't feeling very well after almost 3 years on the gluten free diet, so there must have been something else that I couldn't tolerate. I went through skin and blood tests for allergies, but they gave false negatives to everything (later found out I have a specific kind of antibody deficiency that caused this). Plus, I couldn't nail down the offender because I got sick so randomly. The doctor suggested an elimination diet and I chose SCD.

This meant no sugar, lactose, grains, gluten, corn, soy, or starchy veggies for me. I did a lot of home-cooking! This was so much harder than being strictly gluten-free, but I felt wonderful!

Eating SCD

No More Chrone's (SCD blog)

SCD for kids (and info for everyone)

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

SCD Recipes

Fast forward to May 2011.

I no longer strictly follow the SCD diet, although I mostly eat whole foods and stay away from anything processed and stuff I can't pronounce. I still cook 95% of our meals, but after a year on this elimination diet, I've become a skilled cook.

After a year on the SCD diet, I found that I am allergic to nuts and my other HUGE intolerance is corn.This was the reason I was sick so randomly pre-SCD diet, and why I could never nail-down the offending foods. Corn and nuts are in so many foods - but in varying degrees and in varying forms.

I learned a lot and feel worlds better because of the SCD diet. I highly recommend that Celiacs do an elimination diet (like the SCD diet) for a year if they haven't gotten significantly better from the gluten-free diet, and can't easily nail-down a secondary intolerance. But it takes dedication and perseverance. Make sure you have a strong support system!

  1. After you start reading past posts on this forum, you'll see that doctors don't know everything about nutrition. A lot of people here distrust their doctors because many have been given bad information. There are some people (me) who have good doctors, but I have read some horror stories about doctors...
  2. When I started my restrictive diet, I listed all of the things that I COULD eat and then found ways to mix and match them to make interesting meals. I also found that I grew to like foods that I was previously very picky about. I started eating meat and enjoying it, because I had to eat it. You might...
  3. Tonight it's chili in the crock pot: hamburger, onions, green pepper, kidney beans, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper. I'll add some cheese on top. Green salad with homemade salad dressing: lemon juice, shallots, mint, mustard, salt, olive oil. That's me on my gluten free/specific carb diet....
  4. I'm sorry this happened to you. This has happened to me so many times... I'm afraid to eat out anymore. I think this happens to many of us - we become paranoid and, in turn, reclusive. When our coworkers decide to go out to lunch or order in, we run in fear, take cover, and sit cowering in the corner...
  5. I use Maalox to stop the severe cramping. It doesn't help with other gi issues, but the cramping eases. Sometimes it takes 2 doses. - I keep a bottle at work. :-)
  6. I had/have muscle twitching. Before the celiac diagnosis, I was suspected to have MS, but neurologist ruled that out. My twitching only reappears when I accidentally get glutened.