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  1. jenngolightly

    Don't Touch My Computer!

    I think you have hit on the right points. I have a password and a screen saver, but people still come up and shake the...
  2. jenngolightly

    Don't Touch My Computer!

    So it's super stormy outside right now and I'm all alone in the house. It's lightening in the neighborhood so I'm too...
  3. I ditto on the the physical improvements, but I was talking to a person at work today and I realized that since my Celiac...
  4. jenngolightly

    Soggy Pizza Crust

  5. jenngolightly

    Nothing To Eat

  6. jenngolightly

    Sugar & Substitutes

    You can almost always sub honey for sugar. The taste will be different, but you will get used to it. I prefer the taste...
  7. jenngolightly

    Betty Crocker Cookie Mix

    The first time I made them, they crumbled. I think it was because I melted the butter. Now I add room temperature butter...
  8. jenngolightly

    Now What?

    I never ate healthy either! We ate things out of boxes (hamburger helper), or frozen foods, or take out. I was an extremely...
  9. jenngolightly

    I Missed The Fourth Of July

    Corn starch was one of the ingredients that made me realize that I was corn-intolerant. When I ate something made with...
  10. jenngolightly

    I Missed The Fourth Of July

    I did the SCD diet for a year, that's how I kept from corning myself. Now that I'm eating "real" food again, I'm...
  11. jenngolightly

    I Missed The Fourth Of July

    Of course! It's just so easy to get carried away. Plus, I'm usually a good sport. :-)
  12. jenngolightly

    Okay, So Is There A Safe Chocolate?

    Endangered Species is very good.
  13. jenngolightly

    Pruritus Ani

    I had this for years and years. It still bothered me even after I went gluten-free. However, it FINALLY cleared...
  14. jenngolightly

    Now What?

    Psoriasis sucks. Try to get your skin out in the sun if you can. Sunshine helps. I get skin problems when I eat food...
  15. jenngolightly

    Refined Sugar

    My food allergy was missed by my gastro and immunologist. It took my elimination diet (Specific Carb Diet) and a dermatologist...