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    Cats, CSI, Nick Stokes, knitting, crocheting, and reading.
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    Markham, Ontario

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My husband and I own a Pet Valu franchise. Between the store and home we have 5 cats. 3 of them allow us to pay the bills from them at home and the other 2 allow us to work in the store.

I spend far too much time on talk.csifiles

  1. The Udi's crusts are good. They're a thin crust. We found that the crusts came out under cooked when following the package guidelines so we cook them at 450.
  2. The stove was given it's death notice at 12:17pm DST. We're off this afternoon to look at new ones. We now have one Harvest Gold Appliance left that we'll not talk about.
  3. Good Riddance Harold. Lisa take care of yourself. Psillies having pneumonia is not good.
  4. He was a good Dad. He taught us a love of reading which is something we'll always have as a reminder of him. He also taught me how to be financially responsible and he gave my brother an unbeknownst lead in to one of the best lines ever. And here is the story that goes with the line: When...
  5. Got busy with the Christmas baking today. This is the first time in years that I've actually had the time to make more than Shortbread. Today I did Shortbread and Chocolate BALLS
  6. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!