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About Me

Diagnosed 11/01 through blood test and biopsy

Gluten Free since 11/01 - fell off the gluten-free wagon for 3 years

Back on the wagon - 6/08.

Heart Burn, hard stools and Family history promted me to be tested.....

Grandma, Aunt and Cousin on father's side all have celiac disease and are gluten-free.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hey neighbor!!!! I'm actually in Lowell. As far as I know there really aren't any support groups in this area...but there are some in Newton I believe. I have to go digging through old emails to find it though :-)
  3. I did for the first time two weeks ago, one margarita and a chimichanga (non gluten-free). Went home walked upstairs and out it came. I said to my fiance - guess I can't cheat once in a while anymore. Been celiac for 6 years - on and off the diet and have been very strict for the past 4 months...
  4. My fiance notice my breath was pretty horrid a while ago. My primary told me to take pepcid because it was due to stress (from planning a wedding and buying a new home). But now that i've been gluten free again, he did say that it was getting better.
  5. Although I'm the one with celiac, my fiance's stomach goes nuts too when we eat Kilbasa. It's something he didn't eat for the longest time and when he did, his stomach yelled at him. I know processed meats (like sausages), red meats and sodium kill my fiance's stomach (mainly because he has his...