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  1. i'd recommend lili's 57 at 57th and 7th, it's an easy walk from times square. http://www.lilis57.com/
  2. astyanax


    thanks for all the helpful suggestions. i exercise a lot but i need to increase my strength training / weight lifting...
  3. hi, i'm wondering if anyone can help me understand my recent diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis. i was diagnosed...
  4. astyanax


    who has pulled their gluten-free menus?
  5. i've had great luck with continental. there have been a few times where they haven't had the meal, but they acknowledge...
  6. astyanax

    Nyc - Tisserie - gluten-free Lunch

    are the toppings all gluten free?
  7. astyanax

    gluten-free At A Wedding

    i was just at a wedding this weekend. i got the number of the caterer from the bride and groom and spoke with her and...
  8. astyanax

    St. Patricks Day!

    magners cider is gluten free and irish! or irish whiskey, like jameson
  9. i went to mangia trattoria for the first time tonight and it was AWESOME! first off it was so cool to just go into a...
  10. astyanax

    Gluten-free In North Jersey?

    hi! i'm in northern jersey too - i grew up in bergen county, and i'm in hoboken now. there's a GREAT restaurant in...
  11. astyanax

    Be Careful At Pf Chang's!

    sometimes they put rice noodles in mine, sometimes they don't. i don't understand why, by all accounts they are gluten...
  12. pei wei is awesome. i had really great service when i went to one in southern california. i finally had the singapore...
  13. astyanax

    Gluten-free Dining In Holland

    i've been to holland twice, once in amsterdam and once in boxtel (near eindhoven). i had good luck both times. in...
  14. i just got back from dublin and belfast. both northern ireland and the republic have coeliac societies just look it up...
  15. i'm traveling to stockholm and helsinki for the first time on a backpacking trip. i was wondering what the deal is with...