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  1. some of my gluten-free food is also vegan - i guess they are trying to appeal to a larger audience. so definitely seek that kind of stuff out. i think my sister in law who's vegan eats a lot of beans. i know nuts have some protein. brown rice. hmm try doing an internet search for like protein + vegan...
  2. OOPS i should have said irish whiskies. so if you're looking for triple distilled, check out jameson or BUSHMILLS (i just checked a bottle of bushmills and it clearly says distilled three times!)
  3. the way i understand, gluten does not survive the distillation process. whiskey is actually triple distilled.
  4. you could always just have someone from the states ship it up to you if you're really desperate!
  5. i think i might have something similar to that. i get little almost invisible bumps, all over my palms and fingers, but only when i go through an extreme change in weather. this summer i went from 60 degree days to 90 degree days very suddenly and sure enough they broke out. then as they disappear...