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  1. Darissa

    Five Guys?

    I love chick Fila. They are trained from management down. Tell them it's severe and they'll change their gloves and cook separately. fries. grilled chicken. salad. Ice,cream. check their website for gluten-free options. also I know that some gluten-free bloggers where in Denver recently. lots of options. might check celiac & the beast website. I think she blogged about Denver . also Jules gluten-free might of.
  2. Darissa

    Cruise questions

    Sorry ! I have never cruised before. Just wanting to follow your topic. Good luck! Have a great, safe vacation.
  3. Darissa

    Chick fil a

    Yes the grilled nuggets are still gluten free. So is there grilled chicken. We visit our local chickfila frequently. We love their fries to! On their website you can see a list of their gluten free options. Maybe not all stores are as good as good as ours, but the one by our home in Mesa is great. They are trained from the top down on celiac or gluten allergies. They take great care in preventing cross contact.
  4. Darissa

    Help Me Pack Snacks For My Trip?

    We bake or make a lot of items to take with us on trips prior to going. I pack things in individual baggies or hard plastic containers. Homemade muffins. Peanut butter and honey or jelly sandwiches (no fridge needed!). Trial mixes. Dried Fruit. We like the Go Picnic boxes (not all are gluten-free, so watch that ..not sure on soy for those). Apples. Jerky. Popcorn baggies. Carrots. NoGii protein bars. Individual humus packages (no fridge if buy it like that premade ones) or individual peanut butter packages and eat with crackers/carrots/celery sticks. Good luck!
  5. We ate there again late last night (yes I know, Valentines day) But we went almost at close so they weren't busy. It was great food again and no cross contact. We had the caprese salad and the chicken trio (chicken marsala, chicken bryan, and rosa maria) and we shared it. We also shared the Johnny Rocco shrimp salad that is a main dish. The staff was very accommodating. When we went a few weeks ago, we went to a different one in Chandler, and they did a good job too. This one we went to last night is in Mesa AZ and it was just as good.
  6. We ate Carrabbas for the first time a few weeks ago. We are very sensitive to cross contact, and did not get sick. It was great food too! Our server was knowledgeable - which is always reassuring We will be back.
  7. Darissa

    Branson, Mo

    I know this is old ... but thought I'd chime in. Silver Dollar City. We love the berries and cream (ice cream stand with strawberries) everything in the ice cream stand is gluten-free. Frozen Lemonaid is gluten-free; Kettle corn like someone else said is gluten-free; The sausage skillet medley is gluten-free; we have tried it; It is at the Tater Patch Skillet . none of us got sick and we ate it for 2 days. Needed something protein and it worked. They only think the cook in that big ole skillet is the sausage skillet medley thing. We have done the preorder gluten-free food delivery service (it seems as if it is frozen) they send it to a pre-specified restaurant at a certain time. We did not care for it. We tried pretty much everything they had on the gluten free menu and we didn't like any of it (and I'm not picky, and my kids aren't really either). The pizza was our favorite of all the items, but still not great. Cantina Laredo in Branson - We have one of these back home in Arizona. We like their food. It seems like it is a little hit or miss here (we have 2 of them, and I prefer one over the other ... probably due to management and training of staff). The one I prefer we do good at and haven't gotten sick from cross contact. It is clearly marked on their menu what items are gluten-free; We love the fajitas! Last time we were there we stayed at a campground in our RV and cooked almost all of our meals except while at SDC. So, we didn't eat out that much on our last trip. But it seems like Branson is getting more and more options as the years go on! When we started eating gluten-free 6 years ago, there wasn't a lot of choices in Branson. We love it! One of our favorite vacation spots!
  8. Darissa

    Ruby Tuesdays

    Thanks for the info! We were actually thinking of maybe trying their gluten free menu. I'm happy to know they are moving in the right direction! And education is the key!
  9. We went to the Gluten Free Expo last weekend in Phoenix. Huge Expo. Lots of yummy samples and educated people to talk to re Celiac and Gluten free. One HUGE exception. Papa Murphy's was there, handing out "gluten free pizza samples". They had an oven there they were cooking them in. I figured since they were at the Gluten Free Expo, they would of made some changes. Just as my daughter and I were about to try the pizza they gave us, they guy causally said "if your celiac you can't eat our pizza". REALLY? Your at a gluten free expo and we can't eat your pizza? I asked about their practices of prepping for this particular event, and why we couldn't have it. He said all the pizzas they were serving that day were made in their stores, around gluten, and separate utensils and sauce and toppings were not used to prep these pizzas. Really? Why in the world were they at the worlds largest gluten free expo that travels to so many large cities? Even if you are "gluten sensitive" or "gluten allergy" their pizza is not safe for you. Maybe if you were just trying to avoid gluten? I don't know. But they should not of been there.
  10. We have actually had to walk out of many restaurants that have a "gluten free menu". Don't be afraid to. Yes, its frustrating, and disappointing, but If I can't talk with someone who understands, or they laugh it off as in your case, we don't chance it. I am sick for 2-3 days, and so is my daughter. I am extra careful because of my daughter. Good luck with this life long journey. It does get easier, and as you feel better, the more easier it is! You find out quickly you don't want to be sick~ We have a few restaurants that we trust that we go to when we travel or if we go out in our own town. We typically just don't eat out, but we travel, so its hard. We have been doing this for years, and you will see all kinds of responses from people in restaurants, from those who really want to help you, and those who don't believe or laugh it off. So sorry.
  11. We are very careful due to cross contact; But we have found a few places we love. Not sure what part of the country you live in. Here in Arizona we have a place called Zoyo yogurt. You go in and they say right on the label if it is gluten free or not. They do a great job of cleaning. We have eaten there many times (too many!! haha) and have never had a problem. We NEVER get the toppings. They are all in a shared area, and everything spills into all the different containers. So what could be safe, is never safe. But we love the yogurt. I've tried other places. You really just ought to go in and talk to someone. Some places are more knowledgeable than others. Some have no idea!! Hope you can find a safe place close to you. Its a fun date night with the kiddos. And my teenage daughter likes it since she can go with friends and actually enjoy something thats good and safe!
  12. Wow thanks for the info on Waffle House. I would of never of even thought of trying that. Thanks for the info. I will have to talk to our local one and see how they could do things safely.
  13. I have never seen one, but would love to know also if there is one that exist! We have to be so very careful also with gluten-free and cross contact. But I would love a restaurant that does it right! We have a local restaurant here that does pancakes, but they are not a chain.
  14. I would be interested in this also! I'm not good at keeping things organized! Can't wait for some helpful ideas!
  15. Darissa

    Red Robin... Yuuummmmm!

    We ate at Red Robin for the first time in 4 years. They have improved so much on their gluten-free options and the way they handle it all! We were on vacation, and ate there 3 times in Utah, and now have sense eaten at our local one. The management, servers, and cooks all did a great job! The fries are fried in a seperate fryer (at least in Provo, Ut and in Tempe,AZ) The hamburgers were really good. The buns are Udi's! So good! We are sensitive to cross contact, and we explained that each time we ate, and we never got sick. When we were vacationing, it was nice to be able to order "to go" and pick it up and eat it while we were at family get togethers where their was food. We will continue to dine there. They did have a couple of salads, many hamburgers, a couple of chicken sandwich options, but not dinner entree options. Many sides were gluten-free also!