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  1. Soulcurrent- Shortness of breath was one of my symptoms that was getting more and more annoying (though it never became dangerous) in the months before I went gluten-free. I also had pulmonary and cardiac tests to rule out those causes, and no doctor ever had any idea what was going on. They gave me an inhaler, but I never felt it made any difference. But, since the change in my diet, this problem has been steadily dissipating and has now nearly disappeared. It could be, in your case, that it is due to another allergy/intolerance (it's always good to look for those anyway), but there's a
  2. hang in there =) You can do it;)

  3. What a fascinating discussion! I have had small episodes of sleep paralysis for many years, though not enough to worry about; in the months before I started considering that I might have celiac, I was having them more often, and, since being gluten-free, they've been much less frequent (though it happened this morning -- maybe because I read this thread last night!). I thought I'd share my experience for comparison: When it happens, I'm aware that I am awake and can open and close my eyes, but cannot move. This morning I tried moving my arm, and could feel it moving, but could also
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