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  1. Soulcurrent- Shortness of breath was one of my symptoms that was getting more and more annoying (though it never became dangerous) in the months before I went gluten-free. I also had pulmonary and cardiac tests to rule out those causes, and no doctor ever had any idea what was going on. They...
  2. hang in there =) You can do it;)

  3. Well, I'm pretty sure that the can said "no preservatives" -- it was just coconut and guar gum (can't find any without guar gum). There are a couple of other things I'm suspecting might be a problem, so I'm not certain about anything, but so far coconut milk seems a very likely suspect for me.
  4. Hi All, In keeping my food journal, I have found some evidence that coconut milk, which I've been using often as a cream substitute, seems to be giving me increased brain fog and fatigue. Has anyone here experienced this? Just curious.
  5. What a fascinating discussion! I have had small episodes of sleep paralysis for many years, though not enough to worry about; in the months before I started considering that I might have celiac, I was having them more often, and, since being gluten-free, they've been much less frequent (though...