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  1. Just to clarify, in case it's not obvious: I only asked them about gluten (not about corn or soy), so presumably these...
  2. In keeping with the recent spate of makeup threads, I though I'd share this info. I hadn't seen confirmation on the...
  3. OliveBranch

    Do I See A Doctor

    Teemaree-- So glad you've had some good news! I hope that the problems are all manageable and that you will both BE...
  4. That's really interesting--thanks for posting!
  5. Thanks so much for your response, ravenwoodglass. It's good to hear more of your story (I have noticed your extensive...
  6. Hi all, I'm at four months gluten-free, and for the first three months I felt a steady, slow improvement in my health...
  7. Thanks for the heads up! Do you know if this affects their nut butters as well? I am quite reliant on their natural...
  8. OliveBranch

    Do I See A Doctor

    I don't know much about lymphoma, and I don't know if all of those symptoms can come from Celiac (certainly some of them...
  9. Hi ohsroac, There's a lot of chocolate that's gluten free, and it's not hard to find--just make sure you check the...
  10. OliveBranch

    The Whole Sordid Story, Near As I Can Figure Out

    Should one only suspect fluoride problems if one's thyroid is also shown to be not working well, or can it also wreak...
  11. Not sure I agree that the combination of Celiac and Crohn's is so rare; here's an article posted on this site to the...
  12. That does seem strange to me. Had your daughter also started a new medicine shortly before the trip when she ate gluten...
  13. This description is very close to how my brain fog feels. I describe it to my husband as being similar to being drunk...
  14. OliveBranch

    High Forehead Poll

    Hmm, I suppose it is a bit subjective, isn't it. I've just measured mine at 3" exactly from my eyebrows to my hairline...
  15. I read recently on this forum that some people consider a high forehead to be a common celiac trait. There may be little...