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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. I have yet to find any test worth spending money on.......elimination and reintroduction is the only way (I have found ) to test that works,the removal of ALL grains regardless of gluten has helped a lot .....my body does not like rice and corn (being from England that's hardly surprising) no fruit or nightshades (except potatoes that don't have even the slightest shade of green) nothing fermented ....very little dairy other than grass-fed butter and heavy whipping cream (both organic) and about 2 tsps of organic sugar.....in other words remove everything that has a "taste" ie smoked-pickled-fermented-sweet and I can function...... long story short is that food as a form of enjoyment has been long gone and I don't even look at it that way anymore...... of course this goes against all we have been programmed to expect from life ....... food and booze are the reasons for living according to the media....... its taken me 20 years to get to this point of view and I understand its not wgat people want ....but its being my best way of dealing with my crazy sensitivities cheers Steve
  2. Universal Reactor....

    Hello I know this thread is 6 years old but I came across it having not realising I had bookmarked it.........so I found the answer to the cause of my insane body problems........TOXIC MOLD.......plus celiac and fructose....tyramine intolerance.But it was the mold exposure I had in 1994 that started the cascade of symptoms.....due to having the worst type of genetic susceptibility HLA 0401-03-53 ......Im so lucky I actually have 2 of these genotypes.......well my diet has improved and my overall wellbeing is better.....but its still what I call "the "rollercoaster"....or Pinball syndrome" ...... if anyone would like more info .....you can contact me @ stevelyles@charter.net
  3. Rotation Diet.

    That is a "spot on " observation ravenwoodglass...there is so much nutritional dogma that few take the time to really question some of the statements made in the nutritional world....great post:) steve
  4. Hello India I have tried the Elisa ige food allergy test and the Al-meow:) igg test....both provide lovely charts as to which foods you have highly-moderately and low sensitivities to......they are almost worthless (in my case). I react to pretty much all of the foods that both tests say were safe for me to eat.The elimination diet previously mentioned is the way to go.Its funny actually if you dig around on the Al-Meow:) website there is an article that says that the value of this type of testing is very questionable as igg antibody measurements to food do not necessarily indicate a problem. good luck steve
  5. I have extreme food sensitivities(especially since going gluten free) and my body pretty much forces me to eat a Paleolithic diet...minus the berries and nuts I have never fallen for the low fat myth ..so avoiding dietary fat is I believe missing out on a possible energy source for you.A great resource for the paleo lifestyle is at marks daily apple (mark sisson) his book Primal blueprint is a dietary gem.Its funny really ...my diet is so limited but the meat and veggies I can eat keep my weight stable at 178 pounds (I am 6-3") my body fat is around 16% ...blood pressure runs low (probably low adrenals too though) and my energy levels are pretty good as long as I dont over exert...so I suppose this is a nod to the paleo way from me BUT we are all biochemically unique so you really have to find your own way with this one...although looking into a grain free lifestyle for people with celiac makes nothing but sense cheers Steve ps...just to add ..Probiotics make me really ill...even in the smallest doses....supplements need to be assessed for a possible reaction too.
  6. Universal Reactor....

    Parasites are a possibility....but a few other details could help to clarify my body's crazy reactions.I have had Ige Elisa testing and Igg testing in both instances the list of foods mean next to nothing ...the food in the no reaction columns I react to I think its related to Amines and Salicylates ...the foods listed in the extreme reaction and medium columns are most definitely a problem...so that is correct.I react to Homeopathics .I have tried doing rectal implants for probiotics and supplements...I react...I have had intravenous Homeopathics and Vitamin shots and I am ill form those too.I just made a plain omelet for breakfast ...I can feel the pressure and fullness in my head and the food hasnt even reached my stomach yet...so the whole gut theory just dosent hold up for me......yes some things take longer for a reaction.I am pretty sure I have Multiple chemical and food sensitivity....and am basically screwed oh and I dont always react to eggs....just some days and some eggs! ....well I must say I am quite depressed today...I think I will go see Scott Pilgrim at the movies....hopefully I wont be bothered by the Theater too much...... thanks steve
  7. Potato Intolerance

    I have a Potato intolerance....didnt used to have it! the symptoms manifest after several hours and are-pain in the liver/gallbladder area.....frequent urination and waking up sweating.....and to top all this off a general feeling of Anxiety.You can become sensitized to any substance....unfortunately take care steve
  8. Universal Reactor....

    you know many years ago(12?) I did go to a chiropractor that used NAET....I thought it was wacky and expensive at the time and it didn't work at that point....but I am open to trying it again...based purely on my experience with emotions and sensitivities....I saw an Acupuncturist last year who I believe uses Naet .....interestingly the Acupuncture didn't help me physically (actually made me unwell) but mentally I had some real moments of clarity during the treatments. thanks Steve
  9. Universal Reactor....

    hello and many thanks for the info...I have not been tested for B12 deficiency ...the tingling was intense last year but has subsided now and only happens now if I eat anything starchy...wierd....starches also make me pee a lot....organic sugar dosent give me any of these symptoms....I monitor my blood sugar (just for the hell of it:) and my sugar is normal when any of these symptoms appear.I have never been tested for parasites....but why would parasites make me react to one food and not another?....dosent make any sense at all...to me I have visited so many doctors of all persuasions and had them look at me like I am a lunatic....there is a highly rated local naturopath who specializes in my particular brand of health insanity....but she charges $325.00 an hour which is a bit out of my price range at the mo....my current goal is to give my adrenals as much care and rest as possible.....just to mention the last bloodwork I had was to test my vitamin d levels which were low at 20...but I cannot supplement to raise the level.. its all nuts cheers steve
  10. Universal Reactor....

    well to have the metabolism and digestion to eat a raw vegan diet is probably one of the rarest human traits I do not have that particular constitution....and folks that do usually write a book about it and tell everyone else they "should" eat that way too.....its a flatland view....goodluck to anyone that can eat that way.....paleolithic works for me in a modified fashion....minus the nuts an fruits ....but thanks for the thought cheers steve
  11. Universal Reactor....

    Many thanks for the response Lisa....no I have not been tested for Celiac ...but I am in no doubt that it is highly possible..but I couldn't start eating gluten again and then test...I really don't need a diagnosis to know not to eat Gluten...and I cannot find info anywhere concerning any disease causing such extreme food reactions and I should mention my reactions are to perfume-cologne and paint and chemicals as well....oh and lets not forget toothpaste (the mint)....and well the list could go on and on.I do agree that the stress and anxiety can exacerbate sensitivities....this sounds wierd but I am aware of the time I actaually became sensitised to potatoes and beef during one of many standoffs with my wife....a feeling of such intense frustration and inner turmoil my insides felt like they were split in two.....dramatic I know true nevertheless.I sense some sort of problem with my small intestine regarding some of the intolerance's....but it could all be related to celiac and an inflamed gut....havent a bloody clue! cheers Steve
  12. Hello everyone I am a long time lurker here and have finally decided to leave my perch and contribute (hopefully) to the insanity of gluten intolerance and food sensitivities....at least its insane in my world.I react to pretty much everything...including water and at times really am at a loss as to what to do next.My food choices are down to ..Eggs-Turkey-lettuce-cucumber-tomato-pork once or twice a week....I do drink coffee with cream and some sugar....all of these items have to be organic...I have had an organic diet for around 15 years.Heres a little bit of how I got to here.I am now 52 and up until I was 35 had no health issues or food problems at all...I had married a few years prior and moved to Nevada (I am originally from England)where I joined the race to have the "job" "house" car and all the stuff that go along with this lovely life:) my marriage was awful and basically I was/am a square peg in a round hole...all of this led to me having a nervous breakdown of sorts I lost 40 pounds on a 190 pound body....panic attacks anxiety etc...which led to crazy food sensitivities...the panic and anxiety left, the food issues never have.I always drank booze to deal with stress ..this now became my worst enemy.I became a total dietary puritan and drank nothing but water and whole foods for the next 6 years....I realized wheat was causing me some problems but thought that I could eat spelt and kamut as substitutes... Isaw every doctor imaginable and it was never suggested I might be gluten intolerant.I was so sick all of the time and yet still went to work etc...any type of medication or supplements made me worse.....which is still the case today...not one of thousands of dollars of supplements has worked for me.In 2001 I stopped eating any gluten BUT I started drinking beers again....and lo and behold I gaind back the 40 pounds and actually felt better...I still was getting the food reations but the beer acted as a sort of anesthetic(crazy I know) throughout all of this crazyness my marraige was awful...more children came along and my intolerance grew...more doctors ...all thinking I am nuts ...I even think I am nuts.......anyways to cut the next 8 years short my sensitivities continued to grow and finally last year in June I for the first time stopped all gluten completely...(I was still drinking beer up to this point)well my body went crazy and I started having violent reactions to starchy veggies....which make me break out in an anxious/sweat several hours after eating them....initially I would get tingling in my legs and fingers etc...the tingling has subsided but finding any sort of balance has eluded me...I am now going through a separation/divorce and wonder if I will ever be able to find any balance or broaden my food choices again....or even find some level of healing:) .....its been a wierd trip...I have had no support from either the medical community or any other source....a real dark night of the soul and senses for sure....but on a positive note I have discovered a whole world of philosophical and spiritual wonders that I would probably never have contemplated previously....and a creative side that does seem to be insatiable.....so sorry for the fragmented story ....its much more complicated and darker than I am capable of conveying.Anyone else have any ideas as to what could be causing such extreme reactions? I don't quite buy the candida angle....I can actually eat organic cane sugar with no reaction at all...and yet cannot go near a carrot or starchy veggie or corn or rice without horrendous consequences. ok rant over for now many thanks regards Steve