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  1. I had been diagnosed with celiac about 5 yrs ago after loosing alot of weight and things have been good since until last...
  2. MNMAC

    How To Stop The Immune Attack?

    Try to accept the fact that you will not feel very good but DO NOT let this take over all your thoughts. Find something...
  3. It's happened to me more than once and I have learned that the more I worry about it the harder the weight is to put...
  4. Having been gluten free for over 3 years and recently alchohol free, I am looking for ideas for something good to drink...
  5. Before going gluten-free I was 205 lbs, very fit and muscular and worked out three times a week. I then got sick and...
  6. MNMAC

    Domino's "Gluten Free" Crust

    Yes, just when they stopped asking all the same questions all of us have answered again and again.
  7. MNMAC

    Domino's "Gluten Free" Crust

    Dominos just made alot of celiacs' lives more complicated, in my case a co-worker was very excited and told me "from...
  8. Try the Kirklands pulled pork at costco, tasty. I also like to get a few bags of (kirkland) mission chips which are...
  9. MNMAC

    Side Dishes

    just brainstorming. Yes, looking for more cals in my diet as I am looking to gain a few pounds after losing alot b4 going...
  10. I could use your help with ideas for new side dishes I can try. I have always been a meat and potatoes guy b4gf and ...
  11. MNMAC

    Beverages- Gluten And Soy Free

    There are some gluten-free beers out there including redbridge which is made by budweiser and seems to be the most popular...
  12. Its funny you bring this up because 2 days ago the same thing happened to me, for some reason I took a smell of this...
  13. I tried the cookie and brownie mix on two seperate occasions and had a reaction both times, so now I just stay away.
  14. MNMAC

    Milk Back Into My Diet?

    no, but I want to thank everyone for your responses, it was probably a stupid question but I am still abit paranoid about...
  15. After starting the gluten-free diet a few months ago and not seeing any immediate changes, I stopped drinking milk and...