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  1. Lots of things can cause the weight loss. Stress and eating habits are just a few. For me i just don't eat enough calories and have managed to bottom out around 120 ish. Which is 30 lbs under what i should weigh. My doctors have run numerous scans, blood tests, and scopes but haven't found anything conclusive. If you are having other symptoms i would go back and have them do a full physical if you haven't had one already. Then if nothing comes back you can chalk it up to college life and all that walking. Sometimes lifestyle change is all thats needed to treat something like this.
  2. I did a search on the forums and didn't see this come up at all, so i apologize if its been discussed already. Just wondering if anyone here has had this MRT test done. LEAP MRT or Performance Mediator Releast Test. Its a blood test that test for food sensitivitys that they believe can help to treat IBS-D type symptoms. Run out of some lab in FL called Signet Diagnostic. Here is their website. Apparently they do this test, then give you a diet to follow based off the results. I'm trying to figure out where to get it done, etc... was going to call them today and find out. My dietician found this for me. Just wondering if anyone has heard of this or had it done before. Thanks
  3. NateJ

    Ridiculous Conversations

    Maybe i have and just don't notice. ignorance is bliss I'm thinking of adding a sig to my posts here that just says "intolerant to everything"
  4. NateJ

    Ridiculous Conversations

    I'm pretty sure I've had everyone of these converstations at least 5 times each. My favorite is always " oh i could never do that" Or the fake interest. I get tired of talking about it, like if i hear the word gluten one more time i may have a nervous breakdown.
  5. NateJ


    seemed like as good a top title as any. I'm giving myself a nervous breakdown over this stupid scope tests. I cannot force myself to take the prep meds for my test tomorrow. Every instinct i have is screaming not to take this horrible crud. I've had 4 of these and they never find anything wrong or conclusive or even constructive to say except quit smoking or follow up in 6 months. I starve myself to the point of exhaustion and have been through every poke prod needle xray scan scope humiliation and embarassment they can dream up and I'm still right back where i started. Underweight, sick, depressed, and at the end of my rope with all of this. I do not like this GI doctor and don't feel comfortable with him. I'm just over it and want to be able to feel normal again. Idk what i would do without this forum. I hate that others suffer with all of these ailments and it drives me crazy thinking about how most suffer needlessly and without less support than we have. Can you tell i'm overwhelmed by all of this?
  6. NateJ

    Keep Getting So Bloated, Dairy?

    Honey. i would have never though of that. I will give that a try. I can deal with the bloating. its uncomfortable, but its the cramps that get me. They are debilitating and often leave me laying in bed wasting a good day away. Just wish i could find the trigger. Well i have scopes on Monday so that should be a party.
  7. NateJ

    Keep Getting So Bloated, Dairy?

    mine has lasted about 6 months. some days worse than others. I've tried elimination, FODMAPS, and some other paleo type stuff. But never thought about sugar. I use a lot in my coffee every day. I just feel run down, lathargic, and bloated all day. Usually cramps also. I've been lucky with the 'D' it doesn't hit me very often. I'm wondering now if i should try giving up the coffee and sugar.
  8. NateJ

    Keep Getting So Bloated, Dairy?

    will sugar do that to you? i'm at a loss too with this. Major bloating after anything i eat. doesn't matter what it is. I look like a ihave a basketball in my gut.
  9. NateJ


    'swapping spit' LOL!!!!!
  10. I've had reactions to the brownies and cookies. Nothing severe, but upset stomach and cramping. I haven't figured out what it is that did it, but I also had a reaction to the pillsbury frozen cookie dough. So i've been staying away from the prepared mixes.
  11. I get the same thing, its anxiety manifesting in physical symptoms. Don't think you are week by any standards. Lots of people have stress, they key is finding the triggers and working them out. Symptoms can vary from shakes, to bad sleep, to heart problems and high blood pressure, all the way to IBS type problems. There is tons of info out there on stress and how to cope and eliminate it. Instead of 'working' on your days off, you should go for a walk or get outside. Sunlight does wonders for stress and fress air. Sounds like you need to unplug for a bit.
  12. I guess i have some other issues going on that are preventing me from 'just eating more'. I've tried all these types of foods and diet plans and even went to see a RD who set me up on FODMAPS. The main issue is my stomach hurts. All the time. Constant aching and eating makes it worse. I feel bloated and nauseated after eating the smallest amount of food. I know I'm not getting enough calories but the pain is to much for me to try to eat more. Doctors want to wait weeks or months to do anything and usually that is just a blood test that doesn't show anything they are looking for. So there is that. Stuck in this rut of weight loss.
  13. I'd give anything for 5lbs. sounds dumb but this weight loss has me stressed out.
  14. hmmm, that seems like people wanting to loose weight. and 5 more years of research. I'll be here on the board waiting.......................................................
  15. I have always struggled with this. I currently weight 117.5 and am 5'9". its getting down right embarrasing. Been over two years since being dx'd and still haven't found an answer for it.