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  1. Lots of things can cause the weight loss. Stress and eating habits are just a few. For me i just don't eat enough calories...
  2. I did a search on the forums and didn't see this come up at all, so i apologize if its been discussed already. Just...
  3. NateJ

    Ridiculous Conversations

    Maybe i have and just don't notice. ignorance is bliss I'm thinking of adding a sig to my posts here that just says...
  4. NateJ

    Ridiculous Conversations

    I'm pretty sure I've had everyone of these converstations at least 5 times each. My favorite is always " oh i could...
  5. NateJ


    seemed like as good a top title as any. I'm giving myself a nervous breakdown over this stupid scope tests. I cannot...
  6. NateJ

    Keep Getting So Bloated, Dairy?

    Honey. i would have never though of that. I will give that a try. I can deal with the bloating. its uncomfortable, but...
  7. NateJ

    Keep Getting So Bloated, Dairy?

    mine has lasted about 6 months. some days worse than others. I've tried elimination, FODMAPS, and some other paleo type...
  8. NateJ

    Keep Getting So Bloated, Dairy?

    will sugar do that to you? i'm at a loss too with this. Major bloating after anything i eat. doesn't matter what it...
  9. NateJ


    'swapping spit' LOL!!!!!
  10. I've had reactions to the brownies and cookies. Nothing severe, but upset stomach and cramping. I haven't figured out...
  11. I get the same thing, its anxiety manifesting in physical symptoms. Don't think you are week by any standards. Lots of...
  12. I guess i have some other issues going on that are preventing me from 'just eating more'. I've tried all these types...
  13. I'd give anything for 5lbs. sounds dumb but this weight loss has me stressed out.
  14. hmmm, that seems like people wanting to loose weight. and 5 more years of research. I'll be here on the board waiting...
  15. I have always struggled with this. I currently weight 117.5 and am 5'9". its getting down right embarrasing. Been over...