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  1. NateJ

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    Just started taking them yesterday. I'm cautiously optomistic.
  2. NateJ

    First Post

    No, I've never tried one before. But I actually have seen that Culturelle one in the pharmacy I go to. I'm going to get some. I just wanted to hear that someone else with Celiac had tried it.   Here's a pic of my dog http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y468/dasfunk/385398_10150330794211...
  3. it seems to be helping so far and I'm tolerating it as well as I tolerate anything now days. It helps to fill in those gaps. I'm simply just not ever really hungry. My constant nausea and pain in my stomach overrides my need to eat. I've tried explaining this to Drs. but they just don't seem to...
  4. NateJ

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    You are quite welcome.   Sweden!!?? wow. I didn't know they had a tick problem there. I would have thought the cold would have killed them off. I have a cocker spaniel. He is 7 years old. He likes the walking for sure, but sometimes its nice to go by myself. Half the time he ends up dragging...
  5. NateJ

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    Well they are really good. You for sure have talent.   I've had to cut out a lot of old friends for various reason, Celiac being one of them. But I've tried some new things in that time. I'm not the most social person as it is and with health issues now I sometimes have to force myself out...
  6. NateJ

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    Wow Dani, your work is really good. I especially like the picture of the old race car. Is that done on computer or are you drawing/painting by hand? it reminds me of water color. You are very talented.   I feel your pain with the Celiac's. Its can be a lonely life, but its part of who you...
  7. NateJ

    On The Right Track!

    myfitnesspal does that. I use it to track calories, but it does a tone of other stuff too. and its free!!
  8. 5' 9" 122 lbs. still looking for the weight gain magic solution. haven't found one yet. I have noticed after keeping a food diary the past few days that I don't take in nearly enough calories to match what I should be to even maintain weight let alone gain. have you tried keeping track of that...
  9. Yep AB makes Red Bridge. Its actually really good. Gluten Free made from sorghum. I live in STL (home of AB) and can get it and almost in grocery store. There is another called New Grist that is really good also, but harder to find for me. Its only in a handfull of upscale eating places that...
  10. You must live somewhere on the East Coast. NY and Mass are notoriously high on smokes. I live in MO and 1 pack is 5.50, but its not so bad when i only smoke 4-5 a day. 1 pack can last me up to 5 days sometimes. I need to quit really. I've tried 3 times and failed each time. Once I made it a month...
  11. wow you sound just like me. I smoke Marlboros for a long time and was over a pack a day and feeling like garbage. I switched to these in Jan and will usually smoke half at a time, then put it out and leave it for later. Which is kind of nasty smelling at first, but I can't bring myself to smoke...
  12. that seems like a weird answer. not really a yes or no. I smoke American Spirits, I don't think they are any worse or better than regular brands.