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  1. ACV too. Much better, I still have some of the problems but not as bad as it was. Still going to the doctor in 2 weeks. It takes a long time to get into see the GI here.
  2. No antacids. I have not been taking the prescribed antacids, instead I took the natural route and have kept it under control, until around Thanksgiving. Yes, its possible I was glutened at a relatives house, or yes, its possible I have overrun in bacteria again due to sugar at Christmas, but its...
  3. I have a GI appt in a couple of weeks, to deal with much of the same thing. I am still suffering Esophagitis issues, but no reflux. Serious heartattack type pain in the chest, nausea, wheezing, coughing, and constant clearing of the throat etc. No acid issues though, no reflux, I do not understand...
  4. I suffered for years, and until being gluten-free, and going through all of my issues this spring, nothing had worked, but a year of gluten-free, things were better. Then things were bad again, now I am somewhat regular. gluten-free, not just grocery store purchasing gluten-free, but eating whole...
  5. I have to add this. Just happened today. I went 89 days before my period came, sorry guys. in the meantime, GP wanted to check my blood. OK, I thought he was checking thoroughly, vitamins, hormones, a full T scale etc. NOT. He did a basic, with diabetes, and cholesterol checks in there. An...
  6. OH and I only go to doctors when I must now too. Same for my kids.
  7. You must live near me because that sounds like some of the doctors I have visited and some of my conversations, I was told to eat more yogurt too, I know take a lactaid on the rare occasion that I have dairy. The really stupid one though. Lose of "desire" doctor.."sometimes you just have...