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  1. And if it helps at all, I have found that one slip up going out to dinner and I am doomed for a month.
  2. That is a good one for me to remember. I always want immediate results and that just does not happen.
  3. You are not alone. You can PM me anytime as well. It is exhausting and you want to scream, cry, give up, after talking to a GI you can even think am I nuts? But, no, you know...
  4. ACV too. Much better, I still have some of the problems but not as bad as it was. Still going to the doctor in 2 weeks. It takes a long time to get into see the GI here.
  5. No antacids. I have not been taking the prescribed antacids, instead I took the natural route and have kept it under control, until around Thanksgiving. Yes, its possible I was...
  6. I have a GI appt in a couple of weeks, to deal with much of the same thing. I am still suffering Esophagitis issues, but no reflux. Serious heartattack type pain in the chest...
  7. I suffered for years, and until being gluten-free, and going through all of my issues this spring, nothing had worked, but a year of gluten-free, things were better. Then things...
  8. I have to add this. Just happened today. I went 89 days before my period came, sorry guys. in the meantime, GP wanted to check my blood. OK, I thought he was checking thoroughly...
  9. OH and I only go to doctors when I must now too. Same for my kids.
  10. You must live near me because that sounds like some of the doctors I have visited and some of my conversations, I was told to eat more yogurt too, I know take a lactaid on the...
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