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  1. Hi Kathy, It's been awhile since I saw your post back in April. I meant to comment back then but I've been so overwhelmed by this whole gluten business that I had to step back for an emotional breather. Now I feel I'm ready to get back into the game! Firstly, how are you doing? Everything...
  2. Hi Kamma, So pleased to hear back from you (and a big thanks for the Edit. link , so useful and I hadn't found that site yet...). I am still fairly mobile ( use public transit, walk almost every day...) and intend to stay that way. I believe one of the reasons I may have stayed mobile is that...
  3. Kamma & Co. I'm so interested in reading ALL of these comments. I'm new to this forum, a brief bit of history. Although I was diagnosed with sporadic ( idiopathic ) spinocerebellar ataxia in 2004, I've always felt there was more to my conbdition than just the " sorry, there's nothing we...