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  1. I just know how I feel. And this was the only thing different that i have been eating. It could be that they are processing them on a different machine or some of the artificial colors or flavors have changes and now have traces of gluten. I am pretty sensitive and can tell immediately when it happens...
  2. I don't think Skittles are gluten free anymore. I haven't eaten any for about 6 months and then started again. After eating a single serving bag of the original red, I have gluten systems. Including headache. I really like them, so I tried 3 bags (over 3 days) and no luck. This is the only thing...
  3. It may only be the French Vanilla that is gluten free now. I had double mocha and English toffee.
  4. After taking about a year off from drinking the mix I just started drinking it again last week. I noticed "gluten" symptoms....headache, stomach problems, moody....and was googling if it was gluten free and your question came up. I think they changed the formula and it is no longer gluenn free!