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  1. Hello- Your experience with Post made me uncomfortable as I also trust that Fruity and Chocolate Pebbles are gluten free, I use them as my 'go to' dessert. Personally I have never had a problem with them and I have super sensitive celiac disease. Not so with Cheerios. Those are hit and miss and it's never fun to pour a bowl of the 'miss' and suffer for it later. Canada has forced General Mills to remove 'gluten free' from Cheerios boxes due to inconsistencies in the level of gluten varies from box to box. I wish USA would be as strong as Canada with enforcing very specific labeling for gluten free.
  2. Donna I'm 63 and was diagnosed at 60. I get a lot of my gluten free stuff from Target, they ship $35. Type in gluten free on their website and you will be surprised. Sees Candy is also gluten free, that's my indulgence.
  3. I worked for Mars for 4 years and have Celiac Disease so I know the answer. All regular size Snickers are gluten free with the exception of Fun Size or Mini Snickers. The minis are manufactured on a special line that also processes mini Milky Way and mini Twix which are not gluten free so you take a risk eating the smaller Snickers. Milky Way Dark are gluten free but sadly regular Milky Way (my favorite) are not gluten free.
  4. I've been dealt another blow. After 2 years of finally learning to live with Celiac I now have developed Diabetes. I can only assume it's the amount of sugar that I've added to my diet via pre-made gluten free food and the sugar in the other foods that are the center of my diet like yogurt and other related dairy. Plus I just spent 2 months on my back after breaking my ankle so I had no exercise and ate a lot of processed gluten free meals. I had some of the same symptoms as I did leading up to my Celiac diagnosis, mostly an unexplainable weight loss. Is there anyone else who has had this secondary eating/nutrition issue develop since going gluten free? I've been a picky eater my whole life so finding a sustaining diet without gluten has been rough. Now I don't know what I'm going to eat. Any feedback is appreciated.
  5. I've taken Flexeril for more than 10 years nightly and have never had any issues. I'm Celiac for sure so if it had gluten in it I would know.
  6. Thank you Victoria for reading my other post about getting sick a week after ingesting gluten. I've worked backwards in what I ate prior to the emergency stint and it occurred to me a few minutes ago that it's possible I got cross contaminated at Boston Market the night before. I didn't eat anything at the hospital I was wondering if they used gluten in IV meds. The timing would be very accurate if that's the case. Thanks everyone for your responses.
  7. Hello- I was DX Celiac 2 years ago. Last week I had a terrible accident, broke ankle and had to be taken to emergency. I was pumped full of drugs mostly Versed and Fentanal via IV. After the usual couple days of constipation following these sort of drugs I began having GLUTENED intestinal issues. I've had non stop bathroom runs for 2 days now and everything about it feels like I've been seriously glutened. I've done some research but found no conclusive answers. Did any of those things stir up my Celiac disease and cause me to have an autoimmune response? Has anyone had any similar experiences they can share with me? This is my first post. Thank you
  8. When my intestine are healed and gluten is non existent for a period of time then it takes me a week before the serious symptoms kick in. I finally tested that by going on a stupid gluten binge a few months ago. Ate some by accident, didn't have reaction immediately as some on this board have. When no symptoms appeared I decided I must not have Celiac disease so I ate everything gluten I had missed for 2 years. By the 7th day the symptoms began and it was brutal. In addition I vomited one night after eating cake which was my other sign that I did in fact have Celiac and so I gave it up and went back to gluten free. It takes me almost a month for total healing. If I eat gluten while my intestine are inflamed then the symptoms increase and are felt within 24 hours. But if I go to totally healed and then get it by accident it takes a full week for the autoimmune symptoms to ramp up and start ravaging the lining of my intestines.
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