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  1. I think that your suggestion to re-evaluate the advice re wheat glucose syrup is very valid. Whether or not, WGC contains enough gluten to cause an adverse reaction in a coeliac is dependent on the manufacturing process. The key comment in the Australian article is 'most'. So 10% (it could be much more) instances of WGC will cause an adverse reaction. Your posts pointing this out are to be commended. Many sites quote the Finnish study that found 'no reaction'. However this study was flawed as it only used one example of WGC and one that was supplied by the industry who, naturally, had a vested interest to ensure that the sample was truly gluten-free. Resulting in a 'no reaction' result. Had the Finnish study bothered to obtain a wider variety of samples of WGC from different sources then the result would have been radically different. Based on my wife's experiences, wheat glucose syrup is best avoided. Just like that wretched Xanthan gum which also can cause an adverse reaction.
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