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  1. thanks for the info - i need to work on making some nut milk yogurts. . . . i myself have lactose issues and cow milk is really for baby cows. . . . I'll watch for xanthum gum, black mold - yuck! i am sure my allergies aren't down with that.
  2. Yes - Holidays are worth extra cash on food! I have been making yogurt in my instant pot with lactose free milk and when i drain it with cheese cloth i can make it about the same consistency as cream cheese. it's really good. Headed to google what's wrong with xantham gum. . . I'll look for...
  3. Thanks everyone! so happy to see everyone's menu. This is our first gluten free Easter. I am thinking: rotisserie beef tenderloin with a red wine reduction sauce (will thicken with corn starch or gluten-free flour) green beans with mushroom sauce (i make a homemade bechmel sauce...
  4. HELLO! Anyone out here that has a 10 (+- a year or two) kiddo that would like to meet another kiddo that has celiac disease? My daughter was diagnosed in the past month and we're totally gluten free. She's feeling SO MUCH BETTER, but she would really like to meet other kids that have celiac too...
  5. We found out that our 10 year old daughter has celiac disease about a month ago. My cousin asked how our 23& me profile looked for it, I had totally forgotten about it. Anywhooooo my husband and daughter both have one of the markers but not both. They do however test for different genes than...