Photo: Gastroenterology 08/18/2010 - The importance of an accurate celiac disease diagnosis is becoming increasingly more evident to health practitioners and the general public worldwide. While the outcomes of undiagnosed celiac disease are still unclear, current  studies are attempting to find an answer.

Between 1995 and 2001, serum samples were obtained from 16,886 Olmsted County, Minnesota citizens 50 years of age or older with unknown celiac status.

Out of 16,847 adults studied, 129 cases were discovered to have undiagnosed celiac disease. 127 undiagnosed celiacs and 254 unmatched controls were then submitted for a systematic evaluation in search of over 100 possibly coexisting ailments.

The scientists found that while celiac disease has been associated with an elevated risk for cancer, this study found no significant risk increase for cancer in undiagnosed celiacs compared to the control group.

Researchers also found that those patients with undiagnosed celiac disease displayed an increased rate of