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Day One

Posted by , 16 October 2013 · 779 views

So after a year and a half of being part time gluten free (avoided the obvious sources, but continued with sauces, malt vinegars and beers) I have decided that I want to be tested for celiac.
I kept a food journal and after playing around with food eliminations, I discovered that I have fructose/fructan malasorption. So I avoided apples, wheat, onions and garlic for the better part of the year. I also discovered that wheat caused intense pain in my stomach. Since wheat's sugar is fructan, I simply stopped eating it. I did this for almost 2 years, but I still ate things like soy sauce, malt vinegar, gravies, and lightly breaded meats.
Recently, beer and malt vinegars have caused migraines exactly 24 hours later, and I can tell if I have been 'glutinized', as again, exactly 24 hours later, I have fatigue, stomach ache, migraines and more recently to the symptom list, canker sores.
I finally made an appointment to see my doctor, but it isn't until the end of November. I am aware that since I've been eating it part time, I may get a false negative, so I have started a gluten challenge in hopes that if I get a negative, its a REAL negative.
Today was my first day. I had a slice of toast for breakfast at 730 am and by 2pm I was getting some stomach cramps. At 4pm I had a muffin and started to develop gas within 30 mins. Dinner at 7 was some breaded chicken fingers. Now, at 10pm, I can feel my tongue start to swell a bit, and possibly a canker developing. I am also very tired (note, I saw the chiropractor today after a week of pain, and I do notice that after an adjustment, I get tired.)
I have tomorrow off from work and am bracing myself for intense fatigue and migraines. I am hoping that the intensity will die off after the first few days, but if its as bad as I fear, there will be no way that I can go the full 7 weeks. I'm not even sure if what I'm doing it the right thing, but the info I've been reading says that most docs make the patient eat 1-4 servings of bread a day for up to 8 weeks anyways before they do the test if they haven't already been doing so.

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Maybe you don't need so much? "What is a gluten challenge? A gluten challenge is the period of time when gluten is added back into a person’s diet to assist in the diagnosis of celiac disease. Antibodies take time to build into the blood stream before they can be detected through blood analysis. For a gluten challenge we recommend eating 1/2 slice of bread or a cracker each day for the duration of the challenge. Prior to blood testing we recommend 12 weeks of eating gluten. Prior to an endoscopic biopsy we recommend 2 weeks of eating gluten. In the case of a severe reaction to gluten, a medical professional may opt to shorten the 12-week challenge and move immediately to an endoscopic biopsy." http://www.curecelia...luten-challenge
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Best wishes and hope your gluten challenge will be as light as possible.  I hope you will get a firm diagnosis.  Keep track of your symptoms and be in touch with your medical provider if the symptoms are severe.



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