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Need Feedback On Demand For Gluten-Free B&b's

Posted by , 22 March 2014 · 1,282 views

I'm wanting to open a gluten-free B&B in either Bullhead City, AZ or Laughlin, NV. The question is: Is there a demand for this service. Would really appreciate your comments.

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There's a gluten-free B&B in San Antonio and I bet they could give you their two cents about what has worked and what hasn't. I was happy to find them but we were sharing with another couple and rented a house instead. If you had the low-down on where to eat and who to ask for, I would consider that a very nice value add. Your guests would have a lot to talk about with each other too :)
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Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm considering having it an all exclusive as an option so my guest wouldn't have to worry. I'm celiac and now have a corn allergy as well. I personally will not eat out anymore. I thought celiac was a hard adjustment. Corn is much harder, it is in everything.

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I've lost faith in restaurants as well (except for one). If it is all inclusive, that would solve that problem. The B&B in SA only served breakfast and that made renting a house more feasible since cooking our own meals is necessary. My aunt and uncle have a B&B and they eventually built their own living quarters which made a big difference to them and their privacy. My aunt said people bring their little red coolers :) My hubs is sensitive to corn. Sounds like you are thinking of running a B, B, L & D!
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I would stay at a gluten-free Bed and Breakfast if it was in a location I was already going to.  If I had a few places in mind it would help me decide to go there out of the choices.  However, I think serving gluten-free food won't be enough of a selling point, it has to be well run otherwise as well.  Definitely an all inclusive meal plan would be a great option.

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Thank you for your comment.  The reason I'm thinking on those locations are because it's close to the casinos. I'm also thinking about getting ordained and doing small weddings. The thing I'm most excited about is having it green. Of course as of now it is just a dream. I'm in the process of working the financials out.

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For now, I don't think I could.  I get sick if I sit in a restaurant.  I can't eat gluten or corn or eat in a kitchen that uses them. I also have many other intolerances, so what can a restaurant do for me?  Give me a socket out back to plug my skillet in? 

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The B&B would be gluten and corn free. I can't eat them as well. Anybody that would be staying there would fill out a food questioniarre for other food allergies as well. This is the reason why I want to open one so people could travel without worrying about food and not have to cook.

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