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On The Prairie

Posted by , 23 June 2008 · 294 views

gluten free food
Tried the prairie bread everyone loves, and I'd give it 3 stars out of five. The texture and flavor are not as good as the frozen white Kinnickinnick (Kinn)breads I eat. (I have found out how to prepare the Kinn bread just the way I like it. I either defrost it in the microwave or fry it in the pan.) Anyway, the prairie bread earned three stars because it is edible and the seeds make it seem healthy in some way. I can only eat one slice- no sandwich.
I got glutened the first night at my grandma's. She and my aunt and my mom made steak and potatoes and broccoli so I could join them for dinner. It was delicious, but I got really sick. The funny thing is, none of them noticed I was sick. I have friends who can tell, but my mom can't? Nobody noticed my unusually long and frequent bathroom visits? Or how I flinch when I turn in my chair or get up or sit down due to the back pain? I don't know what made me sick. My grandmother is usually meticulous about cleanliness, but I noticed that has waned since she became ill. I think it could be just a case of too many cooks in the kitchen.
So, how to be a gracious guest? Kinda impossible. So, I just firmly said, "I'm not eating anything from this kitchen, I can't let myself get sick again. I'll just eat the food I brought. Sorry." And that's it. I can tell that my grandma was annoyed, but people just have to accept that gluten free isn't something a person can just give a shot and make it go. It ain't that easy. Even when I brought my own gluten-free sandwich to eat with them, my mom tried to HAND me a paper plate, right after she'd made her whole wheat sandwich.You've gotta be kidding. My mom was so perfect about everything at her house for Thanksgiving--but I think she's overwhelmed with my grandma right now.
The silver lining is that my grandma was right about the fact that there is a gluten free pizza place, BUNKY's (AWESOME!) here AND the Silly Yak baking place is here also! We're gonna buy stuff there soon! Right now I'm living off gluten free cheese puffs, cantelope, bananas, pb&j on prairie bread, M&Ms, and gluten-free cookies

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