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Gluten Filled Tuesdays!

Posted by , 17 July 2007 · 133 views

Ah Tuesday...the day of the week that my husband and kids look forward to the most. Why, you may ask? Easy, it is what my son calls their "Gluten Filled Tuesday". This is the day of the week that the three of them go out and eat whatever they want for dinner and do not have to worry if it is safe for me, or if there is anything on the menu I can eat, and to indulge in the things that we just don't get at home anymore.

For instance, last week it was deep dish pizza. Tonight, it's Chinese. This is the first of their meals out that I actually find myself envying. I LOVE Chinese food, any and all of it. Problem is, if there is a style of cooking that is not condusive to eating gluten free, this would be it. My husband is Chinese and speaks the language fluently, when I was diagnosed he talked to a cook at one of the best resteraunts in the Bay Area. The man flat out told him good luck with eating gluten free Chinese, there's wheat in almost all the noodles and just about every sauce used has soy sauce in it. At least I know and I won't find out the hard way.

So tonight I am making a tofu and spinich scramble. Maybe I'll flavor it with a little gluten free soy sauce!


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I eat Chinese food regularly. I almost always get Kung Pao Chicken and I just order it without soy sauce. They call it white sauce at the Chinese restaurant that we frequent. I also get the steamed rice rather than fried rice...and no noodles, of course. My son gets the sweet and sour chicken. He orders it with the chicken unbattered. No problems.
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