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Newly Diagnosed And Trying To Have A Family

Posted by , 05 February 2011 · 148 views

Hi! I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease a little over a week ago. Before that my husband and I were thinking about trying to get pregnant. I am very new with the gluten free diet and everything that goes with being Celiac. I have not been pregnant before and obviously want to get healthy before that happens. Does anyone know how long we should wait before trying to get pregnant? Or any thoughts and suggestions for me?

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I don't know how your health is now, but eating gluten-free, as hard as it is at first, is probably the best thing for your baby. I was just diagnosed last month and as long as you're not depressed and losing weight, why wait? Babies are a blessing. Good luck.
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I think I would wait for all your blood work to be normal. No antibodies and normal iron, CBC, B12, calcium & D. As well as get your thyroid checked. Your Ob/GYN would probably want to do those if you go for a check up and talk about getting pregnant. If they don't, get a new OB/GYN. Some of these were standard years ago before getting pregnant.
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I would also wait until you have your blood levels in the normal range. Pregnancy is really demanding on your body.

And after 3 pregnancies and 3 miscarriages I'd want to know that I had done everything I could for my babies. If you have some vitamin deficiencies it can cause birth defects.

Your body will handle the challenges of pregnancy much better if it has recovered from the gluten.
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