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Someone Needs To Make An Effort

Posted by , 23 October 2013 · 1,134 views

I work over 40 hours a week sometimes and also go to college full time. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with Celiac disease and soy intolerance. Back when none of these big brands cared whether people with celiac disease could eat their food or not. I have to say the market has gotten a little better. But, as I'm sure everyone can relate, walking in a groceries store is more frustrating than anything. In every store the Gluten free section is in a different isle or its all mixed in with everything. And every "gluten free" shopping guide isn't all that helpful. I will never quite adjust to not being able to shop for food like everyone else does. The eating strange food around other people at work and school is surprisingly normal to me. I will pull out some gluten free fried chicken from my lunch box with a Tupper wear of mashed potatoes and some corn, while everyone else is ordering out McDonalds or burger king and shooting me strange looks. My only satisfaction is that I am eating healthier than they are anyway and I will never have the experience of eating a synthetic heart attack with some ketchup on a bun.

But nothing will quite ever get me used to groceries shopping for the things I will need for the next week. I need a book that tells me what I will be in the mood for, for the next week, and what I need to go out and buy. None of these fancy cook books with tons of spices, because the reality is, 1. not everyone is a fantastic cook. and 2. Spices are about 4 dollars a bottle. no thanks. I want someone to come out with a book that is called "For the Celiac, college kid who is a workaholic and a terrible cook."

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Just happened to see your blog entry and may I make a suggestion?


What about the book and blog Gluten Free on a Shoestring?




Just a thought! Cheers, IH

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I hear ya!  My husband and I used to joke that we needed a "wife" to do the cooking and housework...  But here's a suggestion that might help a bit - when you do cook, do a larger amount so you'll have the left-overs for a busier day.  There's nothing wrong with just using a few favorite recipes over and over either.  I think we forget that much of the world eats a heck of a lot of soups and stews day in and day out.  


Stick to a few good spices and substitute if you don't have what the recipe calls for.  I like dried parsley, garlic powder, oregano, and black pepper all of which you can get in economy sizes.  Guess you'll have to find a few that don't cause you problems and just use them a lot until you're through your studies and can buy all the spices you want!

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