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gluten-free Starter Kit Arrived, Rocky Start

Entry posted by Chaff · - 2,018 views

Everything I ordered when I went gluten-free arrived in a heap in the mail today. We have a slow boat from the States, and none of this is available locally that I can tell. I got my freeze-dried probiotics, my medical powder for leaky gut, and my gluten-free jerky. I already have digestive enzymes.

The probiotics seemed great. I mean, no problems anyway. But I had a mild reaction to the jerky and a slightly heavier reaction to the medical drink. All are gluten-free, but all also have small amounts of sugar. Could this be a fructose malabsorbtion problem? Or maybe just normal leaky gut malabsorbtion issues that will go away over time?

No idea. Par for the course.

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No, there are a million of these, aren't there? But thanks for the tip -- I'll steer clear of that one!

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If you are having a leaky gut issue there will be many things that will irritate you and your stomach till it has time to heal. Over time you may be able to eat it again. My concern is that you may be having a Candida issue which can cause you to have a lot of allergies to gluten products and anything with dairy or sugar in it. It will make those probiotics very necessary and the reason why you did not have a reaction to them. The leaky gut diet and Candida diet sort of go hand in hand but the Candidas is way more restrictive and the die off time can be horrible from the toxins and the major cravings from your bodies confusion. Anyways no more of that because it will be up to you to research it and see if it matches your symptoms. Hope you figure it out and can tweak your plan of action to fit your needs.

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