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Diagnosis: Scabies

Entry posted by paige_ann246 · - 1,499 views

Well i ended up at the ER today because I just couldn't take the itching anymore. I told the NP all of my symptoms and she said that the ER doesn't really know how to treat things like rashes that have been going on for a month (like mine),but only treat rashes that just "popped up". So they gave me some cream for contact dermatitis (Scabies). I told her that this is not scabies, but she didn't listen. UGGGHHH! I wish doctors would actually listen to the patients once in a while and not try to rush them out!

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Contact dermatitis , and Scabies is two different things. Scabies is a mite that burrows under the skin and causes severe itching. 

Contact dermatitis is a rash caused by being in contact with something. 

I am allergic to nickel if I wear a pair of earrings with nickel in them I get contact dermatitis... It is NOT the same as Scabies. 


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Are you still eating gluten? If so then you could get a biopsy for dh (dermatitis herpetiformis - the celiac rash). Do you get little water filled blisters?


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