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  1. i did buy large packs of chicken and beef at Costco. I head Walmart is really good for gluten-free! Have to check it out!
  2. i did find glutino sandwich bread mix (it is cheaper on amazon) it make a HUGE loaf! It is delicious too, I just toast it up. much better then pamelas and bobs red mill in my opinion! I also made my own granola because natural pb was on sale this week, it came out really great! I got gluten free oats on amazon for a lot cheaper too, also gluten free bisquick to keep in. 3 boxes for $12 can't beat that!
  3. thank you all for the great suggestions! It's a good thing I like to cook! It seems like I just need to plan ahead a bit better! I am going to bake some gluten-free cookies this weekend and freeze them, look into some pizza crust and put my crockpot to good use! @blessedmommy I was wondering about the granola and if making my own would be more economical, thanks for the tip! what recipe do you use for your granola?
  4. Hi All, So I have been officially diagnosed since July 3, was on gluten free before that after my blood work came back positive and then had to go back on gluten before my endoscopy. So I've overall had a few months of practice with the gluten free diet which is now my life. Anyway, I am going broke! I know eating my clean fruits and veggies and cooking is the way to go but for matters of convenience, gluten-free frozen pizza, gluten-free breaded chicken, cookies, granola bars are SO expensive! I have found Glutino sandwich bread which makes a big loaf and is AMAZING as well as a gluten free online convention that was doing sample packs for half the retail price, but is there something I'm missing?? Has anyone found cooking your own and freezing is more economical? Are there websites to order products that are much cheaper then regular supermarkets? Suggestions? Thanks!!
  5. thanks for all the suggestions!!! can't wait to try it this weekend!
  6. My dad picked me up a big box of gluten free pasta made from black beans, there are 2 or 3 recipes on the box but they don't look that appealing, anyone have some suggestions or recipes?
  7. thanks for all of the info, Greens has been my favorite so far. Beer is just never going to be the same May just stick with cider or gin! I don't get gastro problems really, so it's good to know what is really gluten-free and what I should stay away from! Doing my best to be as strict as possible.
  8. Good to hear! It better that it's something manageable! I was relieved after hearing it confirmed. After my blood work came back positive early in the summer my first trip to shoprite was daunting too. With the help of family and some gluten free friends it has been getting easier for me. I am trying to eat more whole foods and only using processed for convenience. I'll always have Perdue gluten free chicken patties and corn tortillas in my house at all times. I also found a recipe for breadcrumbs using gluten free rice krispies, been using it in meatloaf and home made burgers! You can find such great stuff on pinterest!
  9. I was thinking about you!! Sorry to hear you sick, but glad to hear your endo went well! Just got my biopsy results yesterday and it's for real too! There is a chicken and dumpling recipe my mom makes that calls for bisquick dumplings, I know they have gluten free bisquick so maybe that is an option! If you want the recipe let me know! Hang in!
  10. I so totally agree!!! The glutino sandwich bread was better then Pamela's and Bobs Red Mill. I am having trouble finding it again, I emailed them and I can order online. Also if you sign up for their emails they send you a coupon.
  11. Yep, my blood result were very high twice so they might be able to see it right away! I feel better and this is my 6th day officially gluten free! No turning back! (it is never too early for a cupcake, and I have had very good gluten free ones too! )
  12. hi all, so went for my endoscopy on July 3! it wasn't so bad but I did enjoy the foods I wanted before my test! Talking to the anesthesiologist before my test she informed me that she has seen on a lot of occasions that the doctor might be able to tell just from looking if you have celiac, even though he will take numerous biopsies. Sure enough after the test my doctor said my intestines were textbook for celiac, very flat and scalloped around the edges. He recommended gluten free and I will go back in 2 months for more bloodwork. He said that my intestines should heal up in about 3 to 6 months and that I might not ever have to take iron supplements again after that. I'm glad I went for it and I know for sure now especially before I want to start think about having a baby. When I go back for my follow up my doctor said he will also have pictures of my intestines for me...goodie! lol
  13. Freehold! Panda Asian fusion across from the sams club on rt 537, my friend gets bad gasto symptoms and was fine! Had a gluten free egg roll and general toas chicken! If u are close it's certainly worth it!