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2 Toots Restaurant

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Hi all,


Went to 2 Toots restuarant in Bartlett, IL yesterday.  They offer gluten free buns for the hamburgers and hot-dogs.  The buns were delicious, the hamburger was real thin though (good grass fed beef).


Has anyone else tried the restaurant?  Kids love it!




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    • Is an Endoscopy necessary?
      Stool test are not considered valid for diagnosing Celiac disease.  I am surprised the doctors schedules an endoscopy based on that.  
    • gluten free and celiac worsens
      Vitamin deficiencies may delay healing. Ask your doctor to test for deficiencies!  Many Celiacs have poor absorption for an extended period of time and their vitamin stores get depleted.  Some vitamins can't be stored and must be absorbed every day. Yet with poor absorption, eating enough to make up for a deficiency is very difficult.   Vitamin deficiencies can cause other health problems.  CyclingLady had anemia  due to a vitamin B12 deficiency.  I had a niacin deficiency that caused pellagra.  A deficiency of vitamin D causes depression.  Vitamin A deficiency causes nightblindness.   Check with your doctor!  
    • Is an Endoscopy necessary?
      I recently had lab tests and an endoscopy done. My fecal anti-gliadin test came back at 380 units (normal is less than 10 units) but my endoscopy was clear (negative for Celiac's). My GI told me I had non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. Eliminating gluten from my diet has helped tremendously. I read that sometimes the endoscopy can be wrong; should I worry about this? As as a result of all this, I had my children tested too. Their fecal anti-gliadin test results were 115 units (5 years old) and 40 units (20 months old). Their pedi GI scheduled an endoscopy, but is an endoscopy really necessary? What is the benefit of knowing if it's Celiac's or just gluten sensitivity if they will already be eliminating gluten because of my diet? I'm trying to inconvenience my kids as little as possible while still gaining an accurate diagnosis. 
    • Coping with gas!?
      Activated charcoal capsules might help.  Try avoiding dairy products and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) because they cause a lot of gas to be produced during digestion.  Charcoal chemically absorbs some of the gas.   Hope you feel better soon.
    • Coping with gas!?
      Hi everyone,  I hope you're all having a better Tuesday than me :P. So after nearly 2 years of knowing that I am most likely Celiac, I have narrowed down my reactions to gluten into three categories. 1. When I realize I accidently ate a significant amount of gluten. Symptoms are pretty immediate and almost identical to the stomach flu- vomiting, terrible stomach pain, body aches, lower back and knee pain, headache and stiffness, diarrhea. This will usually last about 24 hours before I can start trying to eat food again. 2. When I realize I ate a small amount of gluten (i.e. a hidden ingredient in something). The most prominent symptom here is a burning pain in my lower abdomen.  3. When I know I must have eaten something off but cannot identify it. This is usually a more mild version of 1 and 2. Mostly nausea, tiredness, stomach discomfort, and a ridiculous amount of terrible smelling gas.  Today is a number 3 day. It has felt like my stomach has been constantly churning all day. I keep on feeling like I'm finally going to poop but then it's just gas. Just like the rest of my symptoms, I have absolutely no idea what to do for this! Are there any products you guys could recommend for settling my stomach and relieving the gas? Also, if you have any suggestions for #1 and 2 I would so gladly appreciate it! Doctors have been thoroughly unhelpful with symptom relief. "Just don't eat gluten" is their suggestion. If only they knew how it feels to get glutened... Thanks guys! Kristen 
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    • celiac sharon  »  cyclinglady

      Hello cycling lady, have you noticed my picture is showing up as you?  Have no idea why but it's rather disconcerting to see my picture and your words 😉  Do you know how to fix it?  You seem to have far more experience with this board than I do
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    • Larry Gessner  »  cyclinglady

      Hi There, I don't know if there is a place for videos in the forum. I just watched "The Truth About Gluten" I think it is a good video. I would like to share it somewhere but don't know where it should go. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Here is the link if you have never watched it. Thank You,
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      Hi Peaceflower, Just wanted to say thank you for the chat.
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