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Eyelash Tinting - Did/would You Do It?

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Hi everyone, I was wondering of anyone on these boards has had any experiences with eyelash (not eyebrow) tinting, and can tell me about the pros and cons (I am mostly worried about the dangers).


I have very long but very blonde and very thin lashes, and I wish I didn't need to colour them with mascara. Nothing wrong with mascara per se, it makes me look like I have falsies on, but I often wish I could just have them dark, without any smudge. So I have been pondering tinting, but I am very worries about possible reactions. I have very sensitive skin and dry eyes, I react violently to any products containing soy, as well. 


Anyone here tried it? If so, how was it?


Thanks :)


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I used to get my lashes tinted for years and loved it.  I have Sjogren's Syndrome also, which is extreme dry eye.  The tint used is very safe as it's a vegetable dye.  No way would anyone be using a dye that is similar to hair dye on your lashes or you would go blind.  You do have to be careful to get some one who does a good and careful job and to remember to keep your eyes closed when the tint is on.  They usually put toner soaked cotton pads on your eyes, while the tint is on, to keep your eyes shut and to sooth your eyes.  I never had any burning or any weirdness with the procedure.  I would still be getting them done except the nanny state that I live in has outlawed it's use because a dopey woman decided to read a book while the tint was on her lashes and some got into her eye and caused a problem for her.  She got a lot of it in her eye.  This is why you follow instructions so now the rest of us have to suffer because of some dumby who didn't follow instructions. 


You say you have sensitive eyes.  Mine are about as sensitive as they get and right now I am suffering with eye problems due to the mold count outside.  I look like a red eyed hell hound!

I used tint by a licensed professional for years and never had any issues with it.  As you also have problems with soy, I would advise you to read the ingredients to make sure there is no soy based ingredients.  It's possible.  Doing a test patch won't work because the skin around your eyes and the lids are far more sensitive than the skin on your arm.  Just check the ingredients and get someone who is good at what they do.  If you do decide to do it, I think you will love it.  I did and now must travel an hour into another state if I want it done.  :angry:  The woman who did mine would not do any tinting on me during allergy season, when my eyes were bothered. She was extremely careful, which I am thankful for.


Good luck and let me know what you decide!


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Hi Gemini, I'm in NYC - I didn't even check whether this is legal here? :blink:  Apparently there have been controversies. To my ignorant self it seems less dangerous than eyelash extensions, but what do I know.


In what state did you use to get these done? Do you have any tips for finding a trusted professional? And did you notice any thinning/brittling of your lashes when doing that?


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I'm in Massachusetts.....the mother of all nanny states, although NY comes in a close second.  ;)   I can get this done in Maine and I am checking on N.H. as I am close to the NH border.


These dyes have been used for a long time so the only controversy are in the minds of those who like to regulate stuff.  I would check out better salons and ask how long the esthetician has been doing them and make sure the salon is clean.  I got my referral from a friend, originally.  I have Sjogren's Syndrome and allergies that affect my eyes yet I have never had any negatives from the tinting.  It is carefully done and does not come into contact with your eyes...if done correctly.  Plus they are vegetable dyes so it's not like you are using peroxide on your eyes.  I had it done for 20 years and my lashes are still long and not brittle.  I am lucky that I always had nice lashes.  But they get grey like your hair and then you can hardly notice them.

I don't like mascara so tinting was a good answer.  I did not usually get them tinted during allergy season, though, if my eyes were irritated.  No one should do this if your eyes are irritated at all.


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    • I have 2 insurance policies, one with my husband's company and one through mine. I also stretch out the more major work into the next year, so I can make the most use of my benefits. So, a dental implant for me takes about a year for me to complete.  I have the post put in at the end of one year and the tooth made about 6 months later. Honestly, the insurance company probably hates me because I max out my benefits every year. You do what ya gotta do!  I still have to pay for some of the work out of pocket but about 75% gets covered. If you pay cash for procedures then they usually charge a lower price. Haggle with the dentist over price. They like getting cash.
    • Did your doctor check for SIBO, H. pylori, ulcers, etc. when he was obtaining biopsies to check for celiac disease?  
    • Oh, and as I mentioned in my own post on pain, xanax. I swear. I tried it just to deal with the occasional panic I had at weird scary symptoms and clueless doctors. I am not a fan of long term use. But I recently found that .25 mg seems to aid with the neuropathic pain. It does not go away, but it helps. 
    • It does sound like a Glutening and you are just a few months into the diet.  It might help if you read our Newbie 101 thread under the "Coping" section.   Here is some information about rice milk: Many, many celiacs are often lactose intolerant temorarily or permanently if you are naturally genetically inclined.  When I am glutened, I lose the ability to digest lactose for a while.   Salad?  Great but it can be rough on a sore gut!  Think soups, stews, easy-to-digest foods that you prepare yourself until you feel better.  Did your folks give you salad after a bout of flu?  Or did you stick with jello and broth?  I am intolerant still after three years to garlic and onions (the lactose resolved, thankfully).  You have a leaky gut (Google zonulin and Dr. Fasano who is a leading celiac researcher to verify that this is true) and that means you can become intolerant to anything (hopefully, just temporarily).   If you are 100% sure that you have had no access to gluten....did you eat out lately?.....then see your doctor.  Remember, celiac disease symptoms can change.  And here is the can take weeks, months or years to heal from celiac disease.  Two months in is nothing, really.  Why?  It takes time to figure out the diet and time for antibodies to come down.  celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggerEd by gluten.  once triggered it can go on and on damaging your gut especially with repeated glutenings (accidental or through cross contamination). I hope you feel better soon!  
    • I concur! I literally feel your pain as well. Like, at the moment, lol. Did you have an endo to see inflammation or damage? I am close to begging my GI for carafate or something to coat and protect. How about testing your antibodies to see if they are still rising? I read somewhere here rice milk may not be a good option.  Folks here have also suggested to me to stick with whole foods. Limit processed. Especially stuff that is not certified gluten-free, like chex. I think small amounts of gluten are in processed foids and can add up. I too reacted to lettuce the other day like I was ingesting glass. My sibling  had a food sensitivity panel done and it came back positive for a few things he had been eating a lot of. He can now eat them, but had to cut them out of his diet. Lettuce is probably on mine.  I have been drinking carrot and pomegranate juice,  dandelion root tea with hiney, aloe water, lots of squash, fish. Mild, no garlic, no onions or hot sauce. No coffee. It sucks.  Inflammation can tick off other organs, you mention a "Pain below". Not exactly sure which side, but certainly call your doc Monday. Sooner if the pain increases.
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