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New Here W/some Questions

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Hi there,

I've got a few questions or concerns... I'm 35yrs old & all my life my mother has told me that I had Celiac as a child... I was never put on a gluten-free diet or anything.. I just always knew I had it as a child but never researched it.. a little history on me.. I have had recurrent pneumonia & bronchial problems since I was 5yrs old, which now my 5yr old son has.. he just had his 5th pneumonia this week.. the second time in a month.. he is being seen by a pulmonary specialist next month.. what brought me to this site was doing a search for "recurrent pneumonia in children" on a search engine... it struck me that I was told I had Celiac... after talking to a few people they commented that it's not something you get rid of.. you should be on a strict diet.. hhhmmm... here's the thing.. I don't have GI probs and I am overweight... I do get bone pain, confusion etc...

Well, my son usually has loose stools and in the past few months has complained of an itchy back.. I've noticed small bumps all over & have had him checked.. they said they were hive like.. he has also had excema since infancy.

I'm not sure if any of this is related.. another similarity that we have is that we are both carriers of the Cystic Fibrosis gene.. he was tested as a baby , having seen something on his blood tests at birth.. so my husband & I were tested.. I am a carrier.. my first cousin has CF ... well, I guess I'm just looking for a word of advice.. I'm going to print out all the info for his doctor appt.. at this time I'm more concerned for him & his little body.. he is very thin.. for a while we were having his weight checked.. he has been gaining, but not as much weight as you would think by the amount of food consumed.

So, please, if anyone has had experience w/any of the above, please let me know... I may be way off base, but you never know... my pedi as a child may have misdiagnosed me also.. did they know of the gluten-free diet back in the early 70's?

Thanks for listening!



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I'm new to this as well, I also have a 3 1/2 year old boy.

In response to did they know about Celiac's 20 - 30 years ago, I had a conversation with a girlfriend whose 34 year old brother was labeled a Celiac baby... they put him on a special formula and told the family he would grow out of it. He has always been thin, prone to illness and has had stomache problems. He just figured it was just the way he was...

They knew about it, but the same as today, they apparantly didn't know enough.

I would ask your doctor to check into screening for Celiac's for both you and your son... it would help to answer a lot of questions.

There is a lab, although controversial you can do a search on this board to find recent discussions on them, Enterolab, that does a series of test... it may or may not be covered by your insurance.

I myself am in the process of having my son tested...

Hope others have more helful info for you...

Just wanted you to know you are not alone! :D


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Thanks so much for replying.. good luck with your son & keep me posted. I'll do the same.. we're going thurs to his follow up for the pneumonia & I'll mention it then.. thanks! :)


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It sounds like both you and your son should be tested for celiac disease and/or go on a gluten-free diet. Definitely when your son goes to the doctor, ask about testing for celiac. I know how hard it can be to be assertive with a doctor, so if it helps, print out a lot of information and bring it with you, or write down your questions in advance so you don't get flustered and forget them.

As for you not having GI problems and being overweight, that can happen. I was overweight by a little until I stopped eating gluten, and there was nothing I could do to lose the weight. Not working out five days a week, not eating less. Stopped eating gluten and lost 10 pounds, even though I eat all sorts of fattening gluten-free things. And I wouldn't have said I had GI problems, certainly didn't have constant diarrhea or anything like lots of people do, although I have found that since I've been gluten-free I've had a lot less bloating and gas and so on so it turns out that not having GI problems is a relative thing.

Some people get joint pain, I think, and mental effects like anxiety, depression, and "fogginess" so your confusion might fit in there.

Going gluten-free is a big hassle, it's true, but if your son could be healthy, and you could feel lots better than you do, it could be SO worth it.


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Thanks so much for replying... every bit of advice helps.. I'll keep everyone posted after thursdays appt :)


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    • I never worried about cross contamination because i was originally told i was just intolerant. after going gluten free i felt so much better up until this last march. dairy and fructose have been giving me problems but both lactose and fructose test came back negative.  this is what my gi doctor emailed me today 
    • Any place you know of to find more info? Seems like I am still in so much pain/bloat, I am not even sure if I would pick the right 5 foods!
    • Don't freak out worrying about other maladies yet. You would be absolutely amazed at the things that can/will resolve on the gluten free diet. Some take longer than others -- neurological seem to take the longest for most people but really, I guarantee, there will be things you had no idea or expectation of resolving will. There were tons for me and then there were things I sort of "woke up one day" & said, "hey, that's gone and that & that & that". Other, larger things had taken my attention so I hadn't paid attention to the smaller things until...... On the other hand, not everything is related to celiac but I bet you wouldn't find a handful of celiacs who didn't say something very similar to what I said above. Yes, thyroid problems are common with celiac but I'll also tell you there are/have been people on here who were hypothyroid before dx but after being gluten-free for a while they actually went back to normal thyroid numbers. My husband is one (yes, we both are celiac - it happens). He was on synthroid for 20 years or more. Guess what? He's not on it anymore. We've had his thyroid panel done several times since about a year gluten-free & he is no longer hypothyroid. 
    • Yes please, that'd be awesome Having a fun time trying to reply on my phone due to broken screen but will be back on tomorrow after results of doctor appointment to get to the bottom of why they've given me seemingly wrong advice re: next steps. Yup I'll admit to pity, anger, frustration and outright fear, been through the mill of emotions in this first week that's for sure. One thing before I go for that; back when I was self-diagnosing I wanted a full thyroid panel (T3, T4 etc.) and also ESR & CRP checks for vasculitis and similar maladies. Now it seems from my reading they can often follow celiac so my worry level of those has gone up a notch, more blood tests ahoy it seems? Main reason for worrying about those is the nearly constant tight / tender head I have at the moment. Top and sides of scalp. Could be the stress tensing the shoulders and occipital muscles at back of head but after the celiac diagnosis being missed I'm fearful of anything else being missed. Did anyone else have this tight head feeling at the start? Feels like the skin is being pulled inwards, sometimes goes down for a few minutes here and there and gets worse when sitting I think. I see the term "brain fog" a lot but luckily don't seem to have too much of that at present, this is more a physical sensation.
    • I don't have a lot of faith in the allergy testing naturalpaths do. I had them done, but really it wasn't very helpful. Foods that were okay on the blood work- I was still having obvious reactions to. Skin testing through an allergist didn't show up food allergies either. I agree the food elimination diet is a better way to go and doesn't cost a bunch of money. I did a whole 30 diet a while back that could have been helpful if the foods I reacted to were corn, dairy,  soy, grains and sugar- but I react to more than that.  I do need to do a major elimination diet- just haven't gotten up the willpower yet.   
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