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Ahhh! Diagnosed Celiac In June. Do I Know Hwich One?

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Feeling pretty helpless/hopeless today. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in June. Then had to have an ultrasound because my liver levels were also high. That came back as a possible fatty liver. But they also found lots of gallstones. How do I tell the difference between what's a celiac symptom/possible gluten issue and what's being caused by the food I eat and gallstones/gallbladder flaring up? I have a whole new set of foods I have to try to figure out now. When I looked up the symptoms for the gallstones, several of them were what I thought were related to the celiac. At least now I know why I have the burning pain in my stomach so often after eating. Maybe I'm getting bet than I thought on the gluten free diet. I thought I was still glutening myself somehow and couldn't figure it all out. I still have the fatigue, but some day that's better now. I am encouraged by the fact that the fatigue is not everyday, all day though. Has anybody else had both of these together? Any suggestions? I know I'll be ok, but for a little while I was pretty down. Between the two lists, I was thinking, "Where is it going to stop? Will I be able to eat anything?" Sorry, I'm just venting a bit I guess.


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Many of us  have  had  gallbladder surgery before  or  after  a celiac  dx's..... Do  they  want  to  remove  your gallbladder?

Healing  the  intestinal  tract  from  celiac  can  take  months  to  a few be  patient & try   clean  eating  , no  processed  foods,  going  dairy free  may help(  that  is also broken  down  at the  tips  of the  villi) no  nightshades,  no  junk  food  unless  you get to  craving  something.. Plain basic  food... corn  can  also  be  a problem  for many  & also  with  gallbladder issues....

I  would  add  digestive  enzymes, and  probiotics to help  digest  and  break  down  proteins, sugars,  &  so on.... 


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Thanks. I know it will take time. I just didn't expect the gallbladder stuff on top of the celiac so soon. I have been doing pretty well with the gluten free diet I think. At least now with the gallbladder diagnosis that makes more sense as I couldn't figure out why I was still having tummy problems regularly. I thought I was doing well on the diet and didn't understand where the contamination was coming from...I almost thought my husband was doing something to cc thing:)...not really, he's been pretty good. I think he didn't understand how serious cross-contamination could be in the beginning, but I had him read some things on this forum and he has been much better.

Doctor wants to see if I can control the gallbladder stuff with my diet, but says if I have a major outbreak he will recommend removal. He's going to monitor for now. Were your symptoms for gallstones different than the celiac? Is there a way to tell them apart? I'm assuming the gallbladder is what causes the burning pain in my stomach area right under my ribs a little to the right side, followed by gas. It can happen during a meal or right after, but I can also get it two to three ours later. It gets worse then. Diarrhea can come later too. It can be accompanied by belching and acid reflux. I can also have most of those symptoms with a glutening I think, but the glutening seems to be magnified...more gas, extreme diarrhea, bloating and weight gain, achy joints and muscles, headache, and exhaustion...and is more prolonged. Does that make sense? I should buy stock in GasX and Pepcid Complete and Imodium!


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    • I think that we have to remember that celiacs often develop intolerances due to our  damaged guts.  Our guts do not ncessarily heal either (usually adults) for  a variety of reasons even if their symptoms improve (see links below).   Nuts are just plain hard to digest.   I can not tolerate almonds, but can handle walnuts and cashews in small amounts.  I can eat peanuts too, but resort to Peanutbutter after a Glutening as it is easier to digest (maybe I have to learn to chew better!  😀)  My nut symptoms have  nothing to do with gluten as I have purchased certified gluten-free nuts and suffered with the same symptoms.  . i call the manufacturer when I suspect the manufacturer is sharing the line or if I just want to know.  I bought some Black English walnuts and called the company.  Those are the only nuts they process and they do not have any flavored nuts.   if you really want to test your theory out, buy some nuts from (certified gluten-free).   See if you get a reaction or ask your GI to retest your antibodies (which should be done annually anyway).   I just hate to have Planters get a bum rap when you do not really know for sure.......😥    
    • New to forum! Appreciate all of the information.  I have Kaiser as many of you do.  My ttg is 1.18 (Kaiser <90), iga 31 (Kaiser <90). I have emailed my pcp in regards to where we go from here.  Is this a positive result or just a little above normal like Kaiser will tell me? I have had conflicting symptoms of some sort of inflammatory problem for 9 years.  I am almost convinced that this might be my answer. Can anyone give insight?
    • I eat them with no issues and know several other Celiacs that eat them with no issue.
    • I am sorry that you are sick! i think you need to really adhere to a gluten free diet that consists of ONLY whole foods (no processed gluten-free foods) and do not go out to eat, until you start to see improvement.  Each tiny gluten exposure can set you back.  It sounds like you really became even more ill after the gluten challenge.   I was just anemic when diagnosed.  I waited seven weeks for my endoscopy due to work issues, so i took the time to consume lots of gluten.  Like a loaf of sourdough per day not to mention all the cakes, cookies that I loved.  (Okay, I just ate a few out of each package......)  by the end of seven weeks, I knew I had celiac disease.  I had a bloated stomach visible under my left rib cage, pinching when I bent over, indigestion, etc.  Not to mention some weird Fibro pain my my shoulders, tingly legs, etc.   Most resolved, but it took about two years. If you  ask for thyroid panel, be sure it includes testing for thyroid antibodies.   
    • My daughter, who is almost 21 and has celiac disease, was diagnosed with Epilepsy a year ago. Hindsight being 20/20, we realized she had been having seizure since she was a teenager but the random passing out and feelings of being 'out of it' were attributed to dehydration or poor nutrition and sleep habits during numerous trips to the emergency room. In our reading about Epilepsy, I have found some mention of celiac and gluten issue connections and even where a strict adherence to a gluten-free diet provided a lot of improve the with frequency and severity of seizures.  I would be interested to know if anyone else shares this experience.
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