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Anyone Not Super Careful About Cross Contamination

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I am learning more and more to be careful. A tiny crumb sends me into a full blown reaction. I didn't think about wearing gloves when touching bread, etc. That is a good idea. What kind do you wear? I make cookies, etc. for my family and worry about the airborne flour. Any thoughts on that??? I have purchased a toaster, utensils, pans, cutting board, etc. seperate for me. Pays to be cautious!!! Thanks for all the great advice!!! :D


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I was much more careful at first, other than accidental mistakes. Now that I've been at this for nearly 4 months, I think I've gotten a bit lax. I ate something questionable a few days ago, had a bit of stomach pain, but not bad. Had a bit of bloating and gas, and now I'm fatigued again! Sigh! I just couldn't figure out why I seemed so listless and unenergetic.

I decided to read my celiac disease literature again, and come back here for a refresher! I can see where my mistaakes have only caused subtle problems, but it's the feeling of general malaise that has gotten to me. I see where I need to be more observant of cross-contamination, too.

My older brother died at age 63 of colon cancer, and one DR. agreed it may be entirely possible he was asymptomatic celiac. I have very few symptoms with just cross-contamination, nothing you'd think anything of, if you didn't know. So, I know I need to be more careful, with the colon cancer in my family.

Thanks everyone for the good advice, and moral support here! :)


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Well I don't any reaction from drinking Amstel and I know a few other Celiacs that do it too w/o a reaction. To each his own I guess. I believe the company and I believe my body.

I watch what I eat and I pick my own battles. For the most part, since I stopped being so extremely careful . . . I've felt 90% better than before the diet and even after I started the diet and was watching every single morsel area I put my food.

To Pturse: There are some beers being brewed that are malt free. I heard there is one in Montreal Canada. I am sure there are more. I am not a beer drinker so I haven't investigated this further but why not take some time..use the internet or switch to liquor. I always wondered years ago before I was diagnosed for celiac disease why beer made me feel so bloated and awful. I don't think you should risk it.


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    • Acne are not itchy or only mildly itchy and they look like red bumps with or without white centers. The bumps are quite separated from each other. What did you start to eat after going gluten-free? More fruits and sugary foods? This can trigger acne. Dermatitis herpetiformis can be very itchy and the bumps are more close together and they tend to crust over.  
    • What about Xanthan gum?  It really bothers me, so I avoid most commercially processed gluten-free breads, etc.  Never bothers my hubby though.  
    • I use to get them before I went gluten-free.  I stopped eating oats because it also does give me canker sores and causes my toes to get cracked underneath.  
    • I had quite a few of the medical problems that you have before I figured out that gluten was the problem. I can’t do basic math or writing when I eat gluten also I get depressed, irritable, low energy, etc. The best route to go is to do an elimination diet and monitor how certain foods affect you. I eliminated MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), Nitrite, and oat based on the reactions that I get once I consume them. You must be disciplined on a gluten free diet, there is not such a thing as –It is just one cookie! If you can manage to go 100% gluten-free for three weeks and you see those problems going away, you will have a good idea if that is the cause of your problems. The blood test I did after being gluten-free for two years came back negative so the doctor just make me feel that I was crazy and making things up. I have a stool test done which came back with elevated igA also a gene test indicating I have two genes that code for gluten sensitivity. My lactose intolerance went away too, eating a lot of cheese now. Rash in arms? gone, Brown spots in teeth? Gone, Intestinal noises? Gone, Lack of bladder control? Gone, Constipation? Gone, and a lot others.   
    • Oh you're most welcome!  Another thing --- no steroids, oral or injected for 2 months prior to a dh biopsy. Lay off any topical steroid creams for 2 weeks prior. Really, stand your ground with them. It would also be great if you can get a friend or family member to go with you in case they take the biopsy from somewhere that you can't see such as the back of your neck. Your friend/family member can watch to make sure they don't take it directly ON a lesion. Do you have a primary care doc? You can also go to that doc & ask for a full celiac panel PLUS an eTG or TG3. 60% of people with dh test negative on the celiac blood panel but maybe you're one of the 40% who will test positive. It's worth a shot.
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