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Dealing With Dairy

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A question about how to deal with dairy: I do not have any allergies to dairy/casein/lactose or lactose intolerance or anything like that, but like many Celiacs in the recovery stage, I react to large amounts. For example, at the beginning of the diet, I ate a big bowl of gluten-free ice cream.....and I got sick that night from the dairy. I've heard something about using lactaid pills to deal with dairy (but I don't have any intolerances). Does that really work? Is it a good idea? Does anybody do this? I can deal with limited dairy, but I was wondering if anyone w/o intolerances uses this method so that they can still eat dairy....just interested. Thanks.



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I can't help you about taking lactaid, I haven't tried it yet.

I did want to let you know that the original Lactaid made

by McNeil (makers of Tylenol) is gluten-free.


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Hi celiac3270:

Long before my undiagnosed celiac symptoms became painful enough to suspect celiac disease, I reacted painfully to dairy. So my doctor suggested 'lactaid' supplements (chewable tablets) and lactose-free milk. That DID help for a while, so I didn't have cramping pains after I consumed dairy. HOWEVER, eventually recurrent pain led me to suspect celiac and try the gluten-free diet. Even while gluten-free and using lactaid, I still had lingering symptoms. When my Enterolab results indicated antibodies to gluten AND casein, I understood that lactaid didn't protect me from the milk protein casein, but only the milk sugar lactose (so I have to avoid all forms of dairy now). :o I have other celiac friends in my support group who can successfully use lactaid supplements and milk to consume dairy w/o symptoms. So I guess I would answer your question "Yes (for lactose intolerance)" and "NO (for cow's milk--which includes casein--intolerance)". ;)



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Okay...thanks, for the replies...I guess if I can just avoid large amounts of dairy, that's better, anyway.


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    • Hi. Im currently under consultants at my hospital,  and have just been for a blood test to test for celiacs. My symptoms are.... Low weight (8stone and 5ft6tall) Joint pain,particularly my hips and lower back  Severe pain in my gall bladder area which happens spontaneously... Especially after eating foods containing gluten.  When i have foods with wheat in i pain in my  right side just under my bottom rib, i become a bit spaced out and cant focus on anything. Also get diahorrea aswell. I recently contracted C-Diff and was in hospital for 4 days very poorly. Im 29years old (female) and the doctors r trying to work out what is wrong with me. I have always struggled to gain weight,  even after having 2 children i am still only 8stone. I was just wondering if u think i could have celiacs?  The pain in my side has been on and off for 7years! And the last 3years its been severe. And it definitely comes on as soon as i have gluten/wheat.   
    • Hello we got her biopsy results back and they are normal.  The doc is calling her non celiac gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant.  Now we will just wait to see if the gluten-free diet helps her.  She does have elevated IgG to casein and wheat  I know there is controversy on whether that test is helpful or not but either way we are hoping she gets well going gluten-free    
    • My family was out camping earlier this month to our favorite lake.  They have a restaurant there we have going to for years.  Since I recently went gluten free, I was very nervous about trying out their menu.  Usually, restaurants have a select few items you can choose from that are considered "gluten-free" (i.e. Olive Garden).  However, this restaurant even had French Fries that were in a separate fryer than the rest of fry population.  I considered it a huge treat when they not only went out of their way to make sure you could get sandwiches gluten-free, but also had French fries and a dessert available.  The best part of it was I didn't get sick afterwards.  Yahoo!  Thank goodness it's 3 hours away.
    • too many of us are treated this way, unfortunately   ^^^^^  and many of us have been in the same (no quality of life!  always sick! )  situation and yes, it can be life threatening if left untreated.  so glad you're feeling better   no thanks to the almighty doctor  i have a celiac diagnosis and my g.p. (who i go to - or used to go to - for my check ups, see how my blood pressure is, vitamin levels, etc.  normal maintenance, you know) tried to give me viberzi!!  for my ibs-d !!  what???  i have celiac.  i was furious!!  (i'm still pretty upset)   o, the good news was that he gave me a coupon for the first month.  after that, it's THIRTY DOLLARS A MONTH.   not to mention all the lovely side effects (one of them was diarrhea!!)   no, thanks, buddy....   anyways, rant over lolz - welcome to the forum!
    • Those numbers are all perfect meaning they show you likely don't have celiac.  Those tests are very accurate IF you are eating a normal diet of gluten.  You must be eating gluten for weeks prior to this testing.  So if you have not been then yes these results are not accurate.
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