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Pistachio Pudding Was Not A Good Idea.

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So I ate some sour starbursts on Thursday I think, and my mouth broke out in all kinds of irritation, those famous celiac mouth sores. I have clusters of mouth ulcers between my lip and gum, under my tongue, on my soft palate, and I think even on my throat. Even my tongue hurts. That was mistake number one, though I've never had that kind of reaction to sour starburst before.

I also have an oral allergy to tree nuts. I'm eating some pistachio pudding, and my mouth hurts worse. That was mistake number two. It's weird though, because pistachios aren't tree nuts, they're in the cashew family with mangoes. The cashew family doesn't count as tree nuts...what gives? I don't think I've had any problems with pistachios before, though it's been ages since I've had them so who knows.



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Hi, Penguin!

Mouth sores this time of year might not necessarily be a food intolerance or allergy. The only time I ever had mouth and throat sores was when we all came down with the Cocksackie Virus, when Son #2 started daycare. It's extremely contagious, and seems to be everywhere right after the kids go back to school (and then the moms carry it to places like the supermarket shopping cart handles, etc). None of us had fevers, colds, or any other sign of illness--just those extrememly uncomfortable sores on the throat, in the mouth, and even some on our hands--ugh.

Either way, I hope you feel better very soon!


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Thanks! You know what, I'm sure that's it. I haven't had sores in a LONG TIME and they never did the whole mouth thing. I feel like I have a cold and that explains it. There was a toddler in my office a few days ago, I bet that's where it came from. It's refreshing to have a virus for a change! :rolleyes:


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Oh, well, the good news is the whole thing is 3-5 days and then you're done. Lots and lots of hot chicken soup and hot licorice tea (very soothing for the sore throat) and hot lemonade (after the sores start to heal , so the acid from the lemonade doesn't sting). Pee those germs out and flush'em down the toilet! :lol:


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    • Celiac Sensitivity?
      For dining out, check out the website:  They list restaurants with gluten free menu's and options in your area and there are reviews from other celiacs on there to help you figure out the better, safe places to eat.  Great web site!   Although it is optimal to not dine out at first, reality sometimes gets in the way.  I had booked a trip months before I got really sick and would have lost a lot of money if I did not go.  A month after diagnosis, I flew overseas and ate out for dinner only every night.  I ate plain foods but they were well prepared so still quite good. I never got sick.  I was careful and it worked. Luckily, Europe was way more gluten free knowledgeable than the US at that time and still is.  So, it can be done if you are very careful!
    • Anyone experience brain fog like this?
      Thanks for the reply, melprkr! Feeling like you're still in a swimming pool moving is a good way to put it. It feels kind of like motion sickness, come to think of it, or a really bad hangover. I was curious because my experience of 'brain fog' in the context of thyroid problems feels so different than brain fog caused by gluten, and I couldn't quite figure out how to explain it. Swimming pool comes pretty close, though. Hope you feel better soon as well!
    • Toblerone
      Although, gluten free...chocolate gives me reflux if I eat too much.  I can handle only a little.
    • 3 year old Biopsy concern
      Hi. I'm brand new to all of this. Long story short but basically my three year old tested positive for antibodies last week. His biopsy is coming up and I've read some debate about it. I'm nervous for him to be fully sedated and if so want to make sure it's worth it. He's been off gluten for a week which his gi assured me wouldn't change the biopsy results in two weeks. He's like a new kid so I'm just wondering why put him through it. I have two other kids that we now want do the blood test on and I'm guessing a biopsy would help for them to know. Again just hesitant. Thank you
    • Anyone experience brain fog like this?
      Brain fog is a common symptom.  I had a hamburger patty from a local restaurant and am suffering the effects.  Sometimes mine is bad and sometimes it is mild.  This one feels mild, provided I am not "glutened" again.  I have the exact same feelings when I am contaminated.  I actually had 2 good days this week to ony have to go back through this again.  The first day is just tired and want to sleep, but as each day goes on it seems like all I can do to concentrate and do anything.  TV is OK but for me just standing up or moving sometimes makes me dizzy.  Luckily I don't have the nausea but even sitting still I feel like I am in a swimming pool moving.  You know kind of like when you were a kid and you got in the pool or went roller skating but then got out and and you still felt like you in the pool or skating?  The anxiety and the depression is the worst.  I am taking things to help with it but it doesn't always help.  Only thing that seems to help sometimes is just going in to my room and laying there and not moving and just going to sleep.   It will pass.  Just be cautious about everything.  I have opted to let my family know that I will bring my OWN food when we have gatherings.  I don't mind being the odd man out because I am already the odd ball.  One thing I have learned and that is people mean well but mistakes happen and we are the ones who have to pay the price.   Hope you feel better soon.
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