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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Probiotics -> Any Good Dairy Free Ones? (gf Too)

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Got the idea of probiotics from a post by celiac3270 about bacterial overgrowth, and thinking why not try them?

A post in the thread lovegrov said:

Dr. Cynthia Rudert, one of the top celiac doctors in the country, puts ALL of her new celaic patients on probiotics just in case of bacterial overgrowth. She doesn't even look for it (it can be hard to diagnose), she just puts her patients on probiotics. Many patients who have come to her diagnosed with refractory sprue turned out to have bacterial overgrowth.

So it sounds like it'd be a good idea, and if I don't need them, no harm done. Though I have talked with a doctor in the past about out of balance flora from antibiotics, so taking one of these just incase, does seem like a good idea.

There is Culturella, gluten-free.. but not dairy free.

Searching I came across Natren's Healthy Trinity Probiotic. The website makes it sound really good.. but that could just be advertising. Though nothing about gluten-free.

Another Probiotics Formulations, website. Claim to be diary free, nothing about gluten, and they don't tell you what it's cultured in, so I'd call them too.

Ugh.. okay, not going very well. So if anyone has any comments that'd help here, or know a product, that'd be welcomed! =)


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I have been taking Probiotics ever since I was diagnosed and something must be working. I just had my blood test and it shows that everything is okay and may I just say I feel so much better after I take my vitamins. NOW vitamins will say if they are gluten free or not. Most are gluten and wheat free, that is what I take. I know they have a website that will tell you who in your area carries them.

Good luck! :)


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