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Angryy 20 Year Old

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Posted 06 November 2004 - 10:02 PM

Im only 20 years old and 4 days ago I was diagnosed with celiac.....my doctor left me with NO information other than a thin packet that wasnt really helpful. I am so confused about what i can and connot eat.....i feel like i cant go out with my friends to eat or out to a bar cuz im confused about what i will be able to drink. Im very angry and wonder if there is any way my doctors diagnoses is wrong.....I had blood work done that tested positve...and they are going with that? Is that really that accurate?? Anyones input would probly help right now.....Thanks!
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#2 darlindeb25


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Posted 07 November 2004 - 03:02 AM

yes, the blood test are that accurate and it will be hard for a while, but you will get used to being a gluten detective and yes, you will have screw ups, we all do--read everything you can in celiac.com--there are food list in here that you can find--they have name brand items we can have that are gluten-free--another good site is clanthompson.com --they have food list too--there are many good sites in the post in here for you to visit--do check them out--you are only 20--i wish i had been diagnosed then, it would have saved me so many painful years--my life is so much better now that i am gluten-free and sweetie--i havent been diagnosed by a doctor and i still know celiacs or gluten intolerance is my problem--keep your chin up and feel free to email me at my aol addy with questions--i will answer you with what i know or i will find out what you need--my sister is a licensed dietician who has celiacs--we help each other---deb :D
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We urge all doctors to take time to listen to your patients.. don't "isolate" symptoms but look at the whole spectrum. If a patient tells you s/he feels as if s/he's falling apart and "nothing seems to be working properly", chances are s/he's right!

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Posted 07 November 2004 - 12:40 PM

Most doctors arn't too helpful and you have to do the research yourself. . .sadly it will take a long time to get the whole glutenfree thing down but it's all worth it and you'll get the hang of it.

There is a teenaers section on here too where a lot of 17-23 yr olds post and stuff.

You'll find that there are drinks for you to drink and you can go out to bars!

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Posted 07 November 2004 - 04:38 PM

If you have all the symptoms then you can go with the test being positive. If you have none of them then you should insist on a biopsy. I am 20 and found out about it two months ago. I have done 4 or 5 months of reading medical journals and still it is so frustrating for me on a personal basis. If you want to talk I would be really happy to be frustrated with some one else. Better to figure it out with someone else than just yourself. It's good for those moments of desperation.
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Posted 08 November 2004 - 08:11 AM

Hello liz,

it's normal to be confused at the beginning. But it's all getting better after a while. On celiac.com are a lot of food lists, you can print out. And also a lot of good recipes, you can make. Don't desparate. When you go out into a restaurant, you can't have beer as a celiac, but you can have a lot of other stuff. As a celiac you can drink most of the wines (if not all), because they are from grapes. And there is another list out there, from which i printed out two pages with alcoholic beverages. I can't find the list anymore, but i still have the pages i printed out. It's a really long list, but if you want i take the time and email it to you. So you can have other alcoholic stuff as well. If you want to drink non-alcoholic stuff, you can drink some drinks from coca-cola (i believe i also saw it on this list here on celiac.com) and from pepsi i think it's all drinks you can have. Just check back with the list and when you're in a club you can ask 'hey, are your drinks from pepsi?'. They should know. OK, if you have any other question, remember, you can always find support from all of these nice people here. This is a very helpful message board i experienced.

Good luck on your celiac journey, Stef
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Posted 08 November 2004 - 02:13 PM

Give yourself a good three months to start feeling comfortable with this.
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