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gluten-free Places To Eat In Rochester Mn

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I'm taking my daughter (16 yrs old) to Mayo Clinic to see if we can get a better handle on things, we are doing well with the gluten-free diet, but wonder if she has some other allergies, intolerances, or completely different problems that haven't been diagnosed. They say we could be there for 4 to 6 days, while they complete all the tests. Does anyone have suggestions of places to eat. Thanks



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Rochester MN has 3 pages of gluten-free restraunt options in the gluten-free dining out are some for you...

Canadian Honker 507-282-6582

Cuisine of India 507-292-5775

Famous Dave's Barbeque (this is the only one of their chain that has a gluten-free menu) 507-282-4200

Fiesta Cafe 507-288-1116

Outback Steakhouse 507-252-1150

Pizza Man (gluten-free pizza ahead) 507-287-8700

The Redwood Room (dinner only) 507-281-2978

Roscoe's Barbeque 507-281-4622

Timber Lodge Steakhouse 507-252-8075

Valentino's Pizza (gluten-free pizza ahead) 507-281-2100

Victoria's Italian Cuisine (gluten-free pasta avail. ahead) 507-280-6232

Zorba's 507-281-1540

I left out a couple that are really pricy and fancy for you...but hopefully there is at least a couple on there you can try :) I need to get there to go to famous daves...i really miss them, and am dying to see what they have there that i can eat :)

good luck with everything!!!



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Thanks for the info. I'm planning to take meals for most of the time, but thought it might be nice to try a place that we don't have near home.



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    • It is absolutely possible for non-Celiac gluten intolerance and/or gluten sensitivity to cause extreme symptoms. The difference between those and Celiac is that Celiac will cause actual small intestinal damage to the villi, while NCGI/gluten sensitivity can have extreme symptoms, there is no damage to the small intestine.  Other causes of bloating can be SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  The title pretty much says it all and you need antibiotics to help combat that. Basically, your small intestine's bacteria is out of whack and you have more bad bacteria than good. I know there is a test but have no experience with this. You may want to google it and read up on it and maybe ask a specialist about it too?  This is something they should be testing for anyway to figure out what is going on.  You could also have food allergies, as opposed to an intolerance like Celiac.  You can see why this is so hard to figure out sometimes! Are you sure you are completely gluten free?  This diet has a big learning curve and cross contamination is important.  Please take a look, if you already have not, at this link.  It was written by a previous member of the forum and although it is a bit lengthy, it is what you need to know about following the diet and living gluten free successfully. She did a very good job on it!  Even tiny amounts in your diet can still cause symptoms. Have you been tested for vitamin deficiencies or anemia?  These could offer a clue to see whether you are malnourished or not. Many people with celiac have both deficiencies and anemia.  Between testing for these and genetic testing to see if you carry a Celiac gene might help you to rule it out if you cannot have a scope done.  But you do remember that you need to be eating gluten for the scope? 
    • Celiac disease is a tricky rascal. Just when you think you've got it under control, it sneaks up and manifests into new and often unexpected problems. At least, this is what we have found over the last decade. From contacts with others who have Celiac disease, we know we're not alone. I'm in my early thirties and find that sometimes my body acts more like that of an old man's. View the full article
    • Thank you, Gemini.   Is it possible for non-celiac gluten sensitivity or intolerance to have this severe symptoms?
      I'm on gluten free diet two weeks now and no change... What are other causes of these symptoms beside food?
    • I am trying to decipher the test and it looks to me like the Total IgA is fine.  Your number appears to be in the middle of the reference range, which would be sufficient IgA for testing.  I am in America so your country's testing is a bit different from here....I really hope I got that right!  If you have severe enough symptoms of a GI problem, some doctors here would move onto a biopsy even with negative blood results.  I think if you cannot get a full Celiac panel done, then a scope with biopsy should come next. Severe bloating has a cause and they need to rule out a food problem. There can be other causes but food is usually a big trigger. Yes, keep us updated!  We are here to help.
    • A rapidly expanding knowledge of the celiac disease regulatory pathway could soon lead to new breakthroughs. View the full article
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