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Think I May Be In The Same Boat

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Hi All

Another newbie

Confused and curious, a little history

I've been felling "like Crap" for lack of a better term on and off for two years at least, first it started with heartburn type symptoms which long story short was diagnosed as GERD "reflux" this has actually been really good the last year or so what has not been good is my head. At first I thought it was sinus problems and it maybe but I always have underlying symptoms that may be celiac in nature. The reason I'm thinking this is that I finally got fed up and went to a naturopathic doctor. he put me on a 3 week allergy elimination diet. after the first week i felt no better then i eliminated wheat and saw some improvement the last wek has been much better and I have put all foods back in minus grains, I felt awesome for a few days and was quite encouraged. I went out for supper the other night and had steak and mushrooms ( i think the shrooms had soya sauce but I assured befoe hand there was none in it) any way the last two days have been brutal again my symptoms include

Foggy head ( unclear )


depressed at times

aches in arms and legs



Low grade Headaches

Trouble concentrating

mood swings

I don't seem to have a lot of GI symptoms though

Just wondering if anyone has opinions

Also if any of you accidentally eat wheat etc how long do your symptoms come back for b4 they subside??

any opinions would be helpful



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You sound celiac to me...1% of the population has it--gives you good odds to start--and then, your symptoms match up. Actually, the most common symptom is fatigue...not diarrhea, not gas...not any GI symptom. You have the most common symptom, along with a few other "typical" celiac symptoms: mood swings, depression, and irritability. I think you should get tested--and don't let your doctor talk you out of the notion that you might have celiac. Doctors recently realized that a person with celiac disease doesn't need to be and most often, isn't the short, thin person with bloating, gas, stomach pains, diarrhea, anemia, and nutritional deficiencies.....doctors finally realized that there is no TYPICAL celiac...because nothing is typical about it. No two people have the same exact symptoms and there are over 200. So get tested and welcome :)


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It does sound like it could in fact be celiac. There are many symptoms associated with celiac and not everyone has the same ones. You don't have to have GI symptoms you don't even have to have symptoms at all and can still have it. I would recommend to get tested. Surgeries, childbirth, viruses such as mono, and things like that can trigger celiac as well. My celiac was triggered by mono and thats when all my symptoms started. It is a very underdiagnosed disease I would definately get tested for it. I understand feeling like crap all the time I used to feel like that too...but thankfully there is something you can do to feel better with celiac. Good luck :D


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Sounds like all of the symptoms I had. Seems like there are new people coming aboard everyday. That can only be considered a good thing.

When I ingest gluten it takes about two minutes and my lips start to get a tingling/prickly sensation. I then start to feel some fatigue. At that point I stop eating to avoid further contamination. I alway take small bites at first and eat slowly just in case there's any hidden gluten.




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You sound celiac to me also. Definately get tested and as celiac3270 said. Don't let your doctor talk you out of it. Stay stubborn. Some docs tend to try to talk you out of it. We heard that a lot in here.

I wish you good luck and welcome on the message board.

Hugs, Stef


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Thanks for all the input I found out the problem I had the other day may have been some meat I had that I did'nt know had wheat flour in it. I felt awful within hours and am slowly feeling better now 4 days after the fact!

Question If I have been gluten free for 3-4 weeks and get tested will i geta negative result because i have been not eating gluten laced products??




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Yes they will most likely come back negative. To get tested you need to be on a gluten filled diet. If you don't want to go back on gluten I would maybe recommend an Enterolab because you do not have to get back on gluten to be tested for that. Here is their website where you can get more information if you want about that.

Good luck :D


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    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      In light of the studies that found some probiotics that are labeled gluten-free yet tested over 20ppm I wouldn't touch them. Now those would be the powder or pill forms. Yogurt is not affected by that. Since you don't have a problem with dairy then I would say eat some yogurt every day. I like Chobani Greek because it has more kinds of cultures. Remember now that powder or pill forms of probiotics do not come under the gluten-free labeling law. The same for OTC & prescription meds. You need to check every single one of those. There are a few online sites where you can check things like that or ask here but as far as prescription meds -- call the manufacturer EVERY TIME. I also wanted to tell you in case you didn't already know that since celiac is genetic and can present at ANY age then all your first degree relatives need to be tested every 2 years in the absence of symptoms and immediately if symptoms present between the 2 year periods. As far as the digestive enzymes go, I tried Digest Gold for a short time & it really didn't seem to do anything for me however I will say I had a lot of issues going on at the time so I might not know if they helped or not. I decided to quit them in order to take that out of the equation so I could try to pin down what was causing me distress. The fewer things in the mix you know. I have heard people report the same as your consultant said. Some say they helped & some say they didn't. Remember Jammy, you're just in the beginning stages. I KNOW you want to heal & heal FAST. Been there, done that! It's like this: you didn't get sick overnight & you're not going to heal overnight. Patience is the watchword here. It's hard I know! You just want to get on with your life. We can all relate.  Again, I'm going to say to eat foods easy on your gut. WELL cooked foods. No raw carrots, coconut, nuts & stuff like that. Easier on your gut would be nut butters.... peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter etc.... It's sort of like being a baby ---  soft, easy to digest foods. Bone broth is a great healer for you gut & extremely nutritious as well as being easy on the digestion. Here's just one recipe:
    • Food tolerance issues post-diagnosis
      Thanks for the tip! Will try that out in the next few days. By the way, has anyone had any joy with probiotics or digestive enzymes in terms of symptom relief/speeding up the healing process? I asked my consultant about this when I saw him last week and he said that some people find them beneficial while others don't, but obviously I'm keen to try anything that may help, with uncomfortable fullness/bloating/gas still being my main issue  - is it worth giving them a go?
    • Are The Following Gluten-free?
      I realize that this is an old thread but I would just like to say something about label reading. Just because a product says gluten free on the label doesn't mean that you don't have to read any further and can have complete trust in the product.  There are a lot of products that state that they are gluten free on the package and then you find out that they are processed in plants that also produce wheat products. If you are super sensitive, you need to know that information. I am afraid that there is no escaping reading labels in supermarkets unless you know that the company makes it's products in a truly gluten free environment (even then you should read labels because ingredients can and do change, even in products made in gluten free facilities), It's a pain to stand there and read labels but if you are super sensitive, you might just have to do that. For example, I am gluten and lactose intolerant but also sensitive to nuts and sesame. While it may be fine for other gluten intolerant people to eat something that's labeled gluten free which is produced in a gluten free facility that also processes nuts, for me it is not.. 
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