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Major Meltdown Yesterday

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For about a week now I have been very depressed, I have been gluten-free since September 13th, (funny how you remember the exact day when you finally find a diagnosis) Anyway I don't know if it is the holiday season, or that at times having Celiac is very overwhelming, but yesterday at work I lost it. For no real reason I started crying and could not stop, I locked myself in the bathroom and just sat there on the floor of the bathroom crying my eyes out, after awhile my boss knocked at the door wanting to talk to me, he is very understanding of everything I am going through, he wanted to send me home, but after a chat with him I decided to stay. I did finish the day, and today I have the day off, so I am looking to my new friends here to tell me I am not crazy and this has happened to someone else. So I am asking has anyone else went on this emotional roller coaster that I am experiencing now. I would appreciate any input, thank you all, this forum has become a second home to me.

I totally understand! I'm trying to be positive, but it is hard. Especially when people have different reactions to it. Have you seen the website "Gluten-free girl and the Chef?" She has a lot of amazing recipes. I just went gluten-free at the end of Nov., so I am new to this. I haven't tried her recipes yet. I think we should try to look at all the things we CAN eat, not what we CAN'T. It's also an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! I am always on an emotional rollercoaster, so I feel your pain :). Hang in there!!


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Thank you Thank you to all that have responded. You have made me again realize I am not in this alone. I think alot of the emotional strain right now is that I have always been the "baker girl", in fact Sundays were the days I made homemade bread, cookies, brownies, you name it I baked it. And I have already tried many recipes and shared them with family and friends with great reviews, but nothing will ever take the place of my mom's homemade bread recipe,:( So with the wonderful support of my new Celiac family here, my amazing husband, wonderful daughters, my sweet grandson, and my friends, I will keep goin, just taking it one day at a time. Every day I feel better, I am on the road to good health again and thats all that matters. B)


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I have been gluten free for a few months now, and I have had several times where I have started crying because it just all seems like too much sometimes!! I am half Italian, and eating pasta, crusty italian bread, pizza, etc has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I also used to love to cook, and now it just seems like so much work to make sure that every ingredient is gluten free. Sometimes I miss the "comfort" food, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, pizza, and I know there are substitutes, but it just isn't the same. My husband is great, but I know it can get old with me always asking "is it gluten free?" In the scheme of thinks, life could be so much worse, so I do count my blessings every day. I agree with another post that says it is heathy to just cry and get it out. Hope it helps to know you are not alone, I know it helped me to read your post.

This was me 4 years ago. But cooking gluten free comfort foods has become my passion. I even started a blog so I could keep track of all my recipes for my kids, since they inherited bad genes from me, I wanted to make sure they can cook all the foods they love when they grow up and are on their own. Honestly, the home made gluten-free versions of grilled cheese, pizza and mac & cheese are as good as I remember. I was only diagnosed a few months ago, but my kids were diagnosed 4 years ago. SO I had the real thing not that long ago. I did a fair comparison to work out the kinks in my cooking by doing back to back taste testing (something I can't do anymore, but now I make my husband do it.)

If you really like to cook, it's almost more fun, because it's like a chemistry experiment. With wheat flour, it doesn't matter what you are making, for the most part. If you're making bread, add yeast to get it to rise. If you're baking sweets, add baking powder. That's kind of it. But with gluten-free baking and cooking, you have SO many flours to choose from and depending on what you're making, you can pick and choose the ones with the right properties and textures to get what you're looking for.


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    • Hi, you can try reporting your own post.  That should alert the site admin of your request.  I don't think they can delete your posts, but changing your user name may be possible.
    • Hi Pablito, Welcome to the forum! You are right, you should keep eating gluten  until the tests are all done.  The skin problems you describe ma be a condition only celiacs get.  The condition is called dermatitis herpetiformis (DH for short),  DH causes an itchy rash that is usually symetrical on the body.  You get the rash on both arms or legs etc.  It makes little blisters on the skin.  They are caused by IgA antibodies in the skin.  There i a test for DH where they take a small skin sample (biopsy) from the skin next to a blister and check it for IgA antibodies.   If they find DH, then you have celiac disease.  The 2 conditions are never separate.  there is a section of this forum dedicated to dermatitis herpetiformis with lots more information. The usual diagnostic process is to do a celiac antibodies blood test first, and then an endoscopy to test for damage to the gut lining.  But with DH, it is better to get the skin biopsy done instead of the endoscopy. Celiac disease is passed on in genes, so your children should be tested also if you are diagnosed.
    • Research Celiac Ataxia for potential diagnosis. Look at Milk and dairy for potential head and sinus related issues.  I stopped dairy and I can breathe now! Saturated fat may also be a problem, but it's mostly dairy!
    • It is best not to try and do this on your own. Talk to your allergist. Not all will deal with food intolerances but if yours doesn't find one who will.  Mine had me fill out a very detailed diet questionaire and tested for true allergies before he gave me my starting point. I will admit I wasn't real happy with my starting point since none of my usual foods were on it. He said that I was most likely to react to foods I ate the most so most of the 5 I either rarely ate or didn't really like. The prescribed starting point he formulated was designed to make sure I had adaquate nutrition and enough calories.   It took about 2 weeks before a lot of my tummy issues resolved and I was then able to start adding foods in one at a time for a week before moving on to the next.  He said food intolerance reactions can take up to a week to show up so I had to be sure it was a full week between food additions. I did have to call three offices before I found a doctor who could do the formulation of the diet but this guy truely saved my life. Out of all the doctors I had seen, including specialists in big hospitals, he was the one responsible for finally realizing I was celiac. He of course referred me back to my clueless GI doctor who confirmed the diagnosis by almost killing me with a gluten challenge. I should note that some of my intolerance (not gluten of course) did resolve after I had healed. Even dairy which I hadn't been able to have for years! I hope you can get some answers and are able to heal soon.
    • I'm 43 years old. I'm married and have two teen daughters. After all these years it was one of my daughters who tonight said to me: "you probably have Celiac disease" after hearing my wife and I talking about all the pimples I always get on my arms. I never heard of the disease but I have heard about a lot of people having gluten allergies and didn't know they were the same thing. So I started looking it up on the internet. Turns out I have had all the symptoms all my life and no one has ever said anything about it possibly being Celiac disease. When I was a kid my doctor gave me prescriptions to antibacterial soaps to use for the arm pimples. Hibitane I think was one of them. And I've always had swollen looking ankles as long as I can remember. All my life people have noticed it. As a kid and teen I played lot's of sports and have broken my ankles and sprained them so my mom and I brushed it off at that and so did my family doctor when I was young.  But I always thought it was weird that the swelling continued all these years.  I have had a bloated feeling stomach all my life too and chronic diarrhea. My stomach is always hard and swollen feeling. Not ever knowing what that stuff was related too so I have never mentioned the bloat or diarrhea to a doctor. Just kind of embarrassing I guess. As my wife and I were reading about Celiac Disease on the internet together tonight she pointed out to me that that's probably why these symptoms almost all went away when I did a very low carb diet for about a year straight to lose weight a couple years ago. I had solid bowel movements, no bloat, ankle swelling went down but I thought the improvements were from weight loss and just eating healthier . But perhaps in reality it probably had a lot more to do with not eating all the wheat products/gluten products. So tomorrow I will be seeing my doctor to talk to him about it and to ask for the blood tests. I have read that I should continue eating gluten though until my testing is done. So that is crappy but I guess it's better to know for sure. Something else I think I should point out too is that I get headaches quite a bit after having big meals. Now I am thinking that may have something to do with the gluten too. I have read that some people with Celiac also get headaches with the other symptoms. It's great to see there is a forum like this to help people out with these issues. If I test positive for Celiac I will for sure be following this forum closely for advice and diet/nutrition help.
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