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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Symptoms Of Recovery

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Some symptoms I am experiencing the past week (found out a week ago today that I am celiac):

- severe diarrhea one second, constipation the next

- internal bruising in stomach (like my tummy is bruised inside, weird)

- burning eyes (like tired feeling)

- bursts of energy that come and go

- feeling VERY dehydrated

- shaky

- day 6 of headache (two of those days were migraines)

- pain in stomach

- flu-like symptoms

- itchy skin

- restless sleeping (tossing and turning/diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome today, starting new meds)

- insomnia got worse

- skin on stomach sensitive to touch

Is anyone else going through this or gone through this? I feel crazy for feeling all this, but I know I am. Any insight would be great :)


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It can take some time to heal and ups and downs are not uncommon. Do make sure to check and make sure all meds you are taking are gluten free and take precautions against cross contamination. Go with whole unprocessed foods at first and it is helpful to also drop dairy. I hope your feeling better soon.


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I had 7 of those when I went gluten free. Things that helped:

1) Getting very strict about cross contamination

2) Drinking water or decaf tea instead of juice/soda. Sugary drinks and even too much fruit made the dehydration worse. I think it was a blood sugar imbalance I was triggering.

3) Rest (even if it wasn't sleep)

4) Time

5) Replacing my giant multivitamins with lots of protien shakes. (I could also have found chewable gluten-free vitamins if I had known where to look [bellibar prenatals])

6) Stopping the NSAIDS and/or Asprin products

Congrats on the diagnosis and the beginning of recovery.


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